Naga Munchetty suggests co-star was trying to make her out to be ‘even more awful’ on-air

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Naga Munchetty, 45, believed she’d got her own back on her Radio 5 Live colleague Nihal Arthanayake, after she suggested he was trying to make her out to look “more awful” – all in jest of course. The pair were discussing imposter syndrome and how small talk can actually be a big fear for people to overcome.

Nice try trying to make me out to be even more awful!

Naga Munchetty

“Have we ever suffered with the art of small talk?” Naga asked her pal.

Nihal shook his head: “I think we’ve made an art of it here on 5 Live!

“From about 12:05pm everyday, you and I manage to fill two minutes quite well I think!” he laughed.

“Are you one of those people who is really confident about walking into a room and making small talk, because I hate it, that’s always been my thing,” the BBC Breakfast host continued, revealing her own fears of the dreaded idle conversation starter.

Nihal considered his reply before admitting: “It’s taken a while but yes.”

As Naga asked for his secret to getting past the sense of anxiety that comes with approaching strangers, he revealed that, to him, imposter syndrome has a lot to do with it.

He explained his tactics to pushing through the fear was “to overcome the idea that you don’t belong in the room”.

“It’s imposter syndrome thats feeding that feeling you don’t want to walk up to someone and make small talk,” he continued.

“But actually you can walk up to someone and say ‘Hi’.”

Nihal added: “You and I are in the business where we are interested in people otherwise we wouldn’t be very good our jobs, would we!”

Expecting an instant agreement to his statement, Naga’s reply left him a little stumped.

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She sighed before admitting she’s not always taken in by the people per say, but more the stories they tell.

“An interest in subjects, not necessarily interested in meeting complete strangers,” she retorted before quickly adding: “When I’m out and about.”

Nihal was a little confused as he asked: “Oh so let me get this straight, you’re only interested in people when you’re being paid to be interested in them…

“Is this the summary of what I’m hearing here?”

Naga shrugged, continuing: “And I’m interested in the people I love…

“Nice try trying to make me out to be even more awful that you know me to be!” she added.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am one BBC One and Naga’s Radio 5 Live slot begins at 10am.

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