NeNe Leakes’ New Boyfriend Is Allegedly a Married Man

The former ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star first went public with her relationship with Nyonisela Sioh following her 54th birthday celebration earlier this month.

AceShowbizNeNe Leakes‘ happiness may be another woman’s pain nowadays. As the reality TV star has been parading her romance with her new boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh, it is now revealed that he is still married to someone else.

It’s Gossip of the City that spilled the tea about NeNe and Nyonisela’s alleged extramarital affair. Along with a video of the pair cozying up at her birthday party in Atlanta, the Instagram account added in the caption, “Wonder what his wife thinks ….”

Other details of Nyonisela’s alleged marriage are not provided in the post, but it’s enough to suggest that the pair’s romance isn’t that innocent. Social media user were quick to share their thoughts on the alleged affair, with some people slamming NeNe over her previous advice to women to avoid dating married men.

“Not misss close your legs to married men,” one person reacted to the juicy rumor. Another similarly pointed out, “Not ‘close ya legs to married men’ Nene.” A third wondered, “Why do people be cheating then get on social media I just will never understand it.” Someone else was equally baffled, “All the people in the world why date a married man.”

It was previously reported that Nyonisela just got out of a relationship. He allegedly parted ways with his wife last year, but it’s unclear if he has legally divorced his wife or not. He reportedly has three children.

NeNe first went public with her relationship with Nyonisela, who is a designer, earlier this month, just three months after her husband Gregg Leakes died of cancer. Posting a bunch of pictures and clip from her her 54th birthday party, she flashed big smiles as she’s hanging on to her beau’s arm.

The dating rumor has been floating on the internet since early this month after the pair were spotted together at events. It’s unclear when they started dating, but she left a flattering comment on his page in November.

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