New York Fashion Week Model Falls Multiple Times in High Heels

New York Fashion Week is a contact sport — just ask this poor model who had a very hard time staying on her feet while rocking painfully high heels down a runway.

Check out this clip, obtained by TMZ, which shows an unidentified model strutting down the catwalk at a warehouse in NYC. The event was for a brand called “Alicia’s Designs,” and from the looks of it — this was a packed house, so lots of eyeballs on the models, the clothes … and the shoes.

Unfortunately for this woman, that meant tons of people watching her wobble her way down the path, before eventually falling hard to her knees. As they say, the show must go on, and she collected herself to continue doing her thing.

That didn’t last long, though … she toppled over a couple different times, but the crowd appreciated her perseverance. They actually applauded her when she got up a second time, this as she finally exited backstage.

Safe to say, it was a rough outing.

In the end, she wanted nothing to do with her footwear — she ditched the heels when all the models reemerged for a final bow. We mean that literally. She came out barefoot.

NYFW was all about spring and summer styles, but at least one model was ready for fall. 😅

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