Patricia Heaton: Pixar ‘castrated’ Buzz Lightyear by letting Chris Evans voice him

Just so we’re clear, let’s get some of this backstory straight. In the Toy Story movies, the Buzz Lightyear doll is voiced by Tim Allen. In the Lightyear movie (coming out this week), the fictional astronaut is voiced by Chris Evans. The doll is Tim Allen, the astronaut is Chris Evans. You get it? The doll is “based on” the real astronaut (real in the Toy Story world). That’s how Pixar explained why Tim Allen doesn’t voice Buzz Lightyear in Lightyear. Because the doll and the astronaut are not the same.

So, Tim Allen’s friend and former costar Patricia Heaton took issue with all of that and she did so in the grossest way. She tweeted this yesterday:

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) June 14, 2022

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) June 14, 2022

… “Castrate”?? Good lord. Is there some way to wonder about the wisdom of not hiring Tim Allen without suggesting that Chris Evans is a “castrated” version of Tim Allen? I suppose Heaton is justifiably worried that kids won’t really care or even notice a big difference. I also suspect that Heaton’s own right-wing politics are playing a role here – her friend Tim is also pretty politically conservative, despite his history as a cocaine trafficker. Whereas Chris Evans is definitely more of a centrist (although he definitely snuggles up next to fascists, which should make Heaton happy).

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