Peter Andre fires back at fan who says Junior only got music deal ‘because of his dad’

Peter Andre has hit back at a fan after a negative comment was made about his son Junior Andre’s music career.

The 49 year old didn’t take kindly to a critic online who voiced their opinion that Junior, 16, had only bagged a record deal “because of who his dad is.”

The teenager is following in the footsteps of musician dad Peter, after signing with Columbia Records and has been hard at work on his music in the studio ever since whilst also studying for his GCSEs.

Junior shared a snippet of that hard work on TikTok this week as he posted a 30 second clip of one his upcoming tracks to his 220,000 followers, which was re-shared by his dad and mum Katie Price who “couldn’t be prouder” they both wrote online.

One person didn’t seem as impressed in response to the musical sample however as they wrote: "His voice has been covered over and he has only got record deal because of who his dad is.”

Peter wasted no time in replying to the user, saying: "[sic] a haters job is to hate so I feel it’s only fair to let you do your job if you can let me do mine.”

The fan insisted they weren’t "being nasty” as they continued: "I would have just liked to have heard his voice instead of it being covered over wasn’t being nasty at all."

After hearing the user out, Pete appeared to calm down as he said back: "I understand you :)) trust me the kids are gonna love it. And you haven’t heard anything yet. it’s all love. Always."

While Peter recently announced that he would be putting his own music career on the back-burner to “manage” Junior, he mentioned feeling “scared” at the prospect of his son pursuing a music career.

"This is a way of life and it’s going to be a lot of work for him and he’s so excited,” the Mysterious Girl singer said on Good Morning Britain.

"I’m proud but I’m also a little bit scared as I guess anyone would be."

Appearing on the Lorraine show, Peter opened up on his role supervising Junior’s music career further as he talked about helping his son gear up for the release of his music this spring.

"I took Junior to the studio a while ago. I was actually on my own album,” the proud dad said.

"I told him 'get in the booth' so he went in and everyone went 'oh'. I said, 'let's just focus on him now'.

"I'm 'managing' him, without managing him if you know what I mean. I'm there all the way through and have got a team to help me because obviously I'm busy as well.

"We're focused on giving him artistic freedom and he's about to release some fantastic music."

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