Photos of Bob Saget’s Hotel Room Where He Died Released by Police Despite His Family’s Lawsuit

A bunch of photos and redacted footage from police are made public after a judge granted the late comedian’s family’s request to block the release of documents tied to his death.

AceShowbiz -Police have released evidence in Bob Saget‘s death. A bunch of files, including photos of his hotel room and redacted body camera footage, were made public on Tuesday, March 22 despite his family’s lawsuit.

Among the new materials released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are 57 photos of the Ritz-Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida where the actor was found dead on January 9. There are pictures of the headboard, which authorities believed he hit his head on and caused a fatal brain bleed.

In their report, the Medical Examiner concluded Bob hit his head on “something hard, covered by something soft.” The headboard in his hotel room is padded, but there’s a hard surface underneath, which seems to fit the theory that his death was caused by “blunt head trauma.”

The bathroom photos, meanwhile, show a towel in the tub and toiletries on the counter, which means Bob likely used them before he went to bed.

The photos were released just one week after a judge granted Bob’s family, his wife Kelly Rizzo and his three daughters, a permanent injunction to block the release of certain documents tied to his death. The family originally wanted a block of all records, claiming that the release of such information would cause the family to “suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress.”

“The entire Saget family is grateful that the judge granted their request for an injunction to preserve Bob’s dignity, as well as their privacy rights, especially after suffering this unexpected and tragic loss,” the family’s attorney Brian Bieber said in a statement after the ruling. “We are pleased this issue has been resolved, and the healing process can continue to move forward. All of the prayers and well wishes continuously extended to the family are beyond appreciated.”

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