Piers Morgan slams ‘selfish’ NHS and care home staff REFUSING vaccine ‘Need to leave’

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Piers Morgan is no stranger when it comes to voicing his opinion, often leaving people in a state of disbelief at his honesty. Now, he has taken aim at a minority of staff who work for the NHS and care homes.

NHS and Care Home staff who refuse to be vaccinated need to leave their jobs

Piers Morgan

The former Good Morning Britain anchor, 56, has spoken of his views on coronavirus over the past 12 months, often holding the government to account.

Piers famously clashed with Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, when the government chose to boycott Good Morning Britain throughout the height of the pandemic.

His latest rant comes just days after it was reported that ministers have since decided to make the vaccine compulsory for care home staff.

Trade Secretary Liz Truss refused to confirm the news but said that an announcement is “very imminent”.

However, the news that some staff are refusing the vaccine has left dad-of-four Piers enraged.

In view of his 7.9 million Twitter followers, Piers furiously typed: “NHS and Care Home staff who refuse to be vaccinated need to leave their jobs and do something that requires less reckless selfish disregard for the health & wellbeing of their patients/residents.”

Piers’ post left his followers divided, with some agreeing with his views and others being left furious at the idea of a vaccine becoming compulsory.

One fan said: “Correct. It’s not a choice. Different jobs require different qualifications/specifications. This is no different. Nobody is forcing them to stay.”

While a second added: “Wtf!? If my loved one was in a care home, & some staff weren’t vaccinated… I’d be seriously worried! It’s about health. It’s their choice not to get vaccinated I understand but as Piers says ‘do something else!’”(sic)

“I can’t understand why they wouldn’t have it their job is to care for Vulnerable and elderly people the most affected by COVID. Pretty selfish to not have it,”(sic) said another.

Whereas one fan went on to tweet: “I’m not anti-Vax I’ve had my 1st jab and second is in a week’s time, but it peoples choice, tweeting things like this is not good Piers.”(sic)

“No one should be forced or blackmailed to do anything, I’m not having the vaccination,” said a fourth.

The Mirror reports that staff affected by the proposed mandatory vaccine will have 16 weeks to receive the vaccination or face being fired under the new policy.

It’s said that ministers are to open a consultation period for NHS staff who may have to receive the vaccination.

The Department of Health and Social Care [DHSC] will launch two consultation periods to discuss whether coronavirus and flu vaccines should be mandatory.

Nadhim Zahawi, Vaccine Minister, said: “We’ve been consulting in terms of a condition of deployment into social care. I think it’s only right that we look at the healthcare system as well.”

The 54-year-old continued: “It’s absolutely the right thing, it would be incumbent on any responsible government, to have the debate, to do thinking, as to how we go about protecting the most vulnerable by making sure those who look after them are vaccinated.

“There is precedent for this. Obviously, surgeons get vaccinated for Hepatitis B, so it’s something we are absolutely thinking about.”

Meanwhile, The British Medical Association, representing doctors, said that despite wanting NHS staff to be vaccinated, “compulsion is a blunt instrument that carries its own risk”.

It was announced earlier this week that ‘Freedom Day’, June 21, would be delayed by four weeks until July 19, following the rise of the Delta variant of the virus.

Yesterday, the government announced that 16 people had died after testing positive for Covid-19, whereas a further six, who did not receive a positive Covid-19 result, had passed away but it was mentioned on their death certificate.

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