Prince Albert’s son Alexandre Grimaldi gave an interview ahead of his 20th b-day

For years, Prince Albert of Monaco had a relationship with Nicole Coste, who was then a stewardess. Twenty years ago, they welcomed a son together, Alexandre. Over the years, Albert has made an effort (??) to embrace Alexandre, and the kid lives part-time in Monaco and he’s being included at some of the royal functions. Nicole gave a couple of interviews in 2021 and she served up some tea: she claimed that Princess Charlene doesn’t like Alexandre and Charlene had him moved into the “servant’s quarters” of the Prince’s Palace. Albert denied that, but Nicole went even further and said that Charlene’s health issues (in 2021) were “karma.” Well, ahead of his twentieth birthday, Alexandre chatted with the French outlet Point de Vue about his half-royal life, taking his father’s name and his relations with his stepmother and half-siblings. Some highlights:

He’s a business major: He feels he’s arriving at “the age when you make choices. These can be good or bad depending on the background you have and those around you. I think I’m certainly a reasonable person. The commitment which takes precedence in my life today is finishing my university studies.” When pressed by the interviewer on precisely what role he hopes to play in Monaco’s future, Alexandre shows a sign of his father’s wit: “I’m only 20. Let me get my diploma, and we’ll talk about it.”

He lives at home in England: Studying business management at an English university, Alexandre says he still lives at home with his mother and two older half-brothers from her past marriage — a situation he likes. “It’s a chance when you study and you don’t have to worry about anything,” he says.

Whether he would pursue modeling: “As a teenager, I thought about it. The idea of being photographed in nice clothes and looking elegant amused me. But COVID happened, and I ended up losing interest. I was also a minor. My father is a prince and head of state — I personally cannot imagine myself marching on a podium. On the other hand, if a prestigious brand asks me to be its ambassador and its image suits me, why not?”

The son of a prince: “I’ve had some rather happy times, to tell the truth, and I’ve never had the feeling that the way others, my friends in particular, change their views of me and who I am. But maybe I’m still too young to discern this. I appreciate my friends very much, and I hope they’ll never disappoint me.”

Adopting the Grimaldi name: Since 2022, with his father’s encouragement, he has publicly gone by the family name of Grimaldi, refusing the hyphenated version of his last name that the press imposed on him since childhood. His decision, he maintains, was significant, and he bristles at those — especially online — continuing to call him Grimaldi-Coste or challenging his legitimacy. “My father’s name is Grimaldi. It makes sense that I bear his name. I would have been called Dochomel if my father had been Mr. Dochomel! Besides, I never called myself Coste or Coste-Grimaldi. On no ID, at school or on my diplomas. Those who call me that have a malicious attitude.”

He doesn’t want to be called “illegitimate” either: “Nor am I ‘illegitimate’ since when I was born, neither of my parents was in another marriage, and they did not commit adultery. Using that word is insulting! I hope no one believes the lies conveyed on the internet. One bears the name of one’s father when one has been recognized since birth. I had voluntary recognition from my father when I was a baby. Not from a judge or the press who have forced him to,” he says. “My mother, whom I adore is my rock, and she is not jealous at all of my choice. If she never said anything about my surname, it’s been to protect our privacy. I was 2 years old when I was revealed in the press. One thing is certain: Today, I am a happy man being open and honest with you.”

His relationships with his half-siblings: Without hesitation, Alexandre says Jazmin Grace “is my big sister, and I love her like I love my two big brothers on my mother’s side. We all get along very well, and Jazmin is also very close to one of my two brothers with whom she shares the same birthday. We’ve a good relationship despite the fact that we live in distant countries.” As for Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Alexandre acknowledges approaching his role with caution. Asked what he shares with the 8-year-old royals, he suggests “tenderness.” He adds with a smile, “Not their toys. That’s for sure given our age difference.”

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He sounds like an intelligent young man, but I can tell that his mother has coached him. She was apparently part of the interview too, and I would imagine the unpublished “outtakes” were probably the most interesting parts. It’s clear that Nicole wants Alexandre to have an attachment to Monaco and to be close to Albert. I think it’s refreshing that Albert hasn’t hidden Alexandre away and that the kid is being inducted into royal life in some kind of way. I also think that what Nicole said about Charlene is probably the truth, and that Charlene isn’t jazzed about her husband’s other children hanging around.

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