Prince Frederik & Genoveva Casanova are friends who ‘meet several times a year’

For this Danish affair scandal, I’ve gone from “well, that’s an interesting rumor” to “Prince Frederik sounds like a lout.” Last week, the Spanish outlet Lecturas published photos of Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik out and about in Madrid with a Spain-based Mexican socialite named Genoveva Casanova. Lecturas and other outlets have provided a timeline and details about where they went and how much time they spent in her apartment. I 100% believe that they are having an affair. Frederik has been married to CP Mary for nearly two decades, she moved from Australia to be with him and she’s been a very good crown princess for Denmark. She’s quite popular, from what I’ve seen. Given all of the recent drama in the Danish royal family, the last thing they need is Fred’s wandering scepter. But the story is being picked up, and the Spanish media seems to still have some good exclusives. Previously, we heard that Fred and Genoveva likely met at some exclusive “big game hunt.” Now we’re hearing that they’ve probably been carrying on for a while:

Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova are good friends who ‘meet several times a year,’ a Spanish TV presenter has claimed. Glamorous Genoveva Casanova, 47, has been at the centre of furious speculation since it emerged that she has formed a friendship with the prince – who is married with four children.

It has now emerged the pair met on a hunting trip and see each other several times a year.

‘They have a friendship. They know each other and have friends in common. They usually meet several times a year,’ Susanna Griso, who presents Spanish TV show Espejo Público claimed.

Griso alleged that Casanova had become close to the heir to the Danish throne after they met on a high end mountain hunting trip. The presenter explained: ‘These are exclusive meetings, where you have to pay a lot of money to attend. All of the royals and children of the major families are there. The trips are organised mostly in Germany and Austria.’

On trips of this kind, usually in mountainous regions, guests pay thousands of Euros to be able to hunt European big game animals like red deer, Alpine Ibex, wild boar and mouflon wild sheep.

Griso added: ‘Her friends have told me that she is having a very bad time of it. She is in hiding right now and has turned off her mobile phone because she doesn’t want anyone to call her.’

It was the publication of photos in Lecturas magazine that sparked huge media interest in Spain, and the story has been dominating television news and chat shows in recent days.

[From The Daily Mail]

“They have a friendship. They know each other and have friends in common. They usually meet several times a year.” My gut told me that this was not a new thing – the comfort with which he snuck off to Madrid and went on a series of public dates with Casanova told me that they are not new acquaintances. It definitely feels like they’ve been carrying on for a while, but as this report says, “they usually meet several times a year.” This is not a torrid affair where they need to see each other constantly. He probably flies to Madrid every three months or so, gets his rocks off and sayonara for another three months. I’m dying to know how Lecturas got tipped off. I’m also wondering if other European tabloids have previously buried some affair gossip before now. Because Fred doesn’t seem like he’s too slick.

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