Rebel Wilson fears she’ll be ‘kicked out’ of UK as she plans Royal Family joke for BAFTAs

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Actress Rebel Wilson is presenting the BAFTA Awards 2022 this year and plans to crack some jokes about the Royal Family. Suggesting that comedians are currently having a “hard time” due to cancel culture, she clarified that she won’t be saying anything that will lead to her getting “kicked out of the country”, in a new interview with Radio Times.

Rebel, 42, previously presented the best director award at the BAFTA Awards ceremony in 2020.

The Australian actress and comedian made a big splash at the time, making audiences roar with laughter as she poked fun at her disastrous film Cats, which was panned by critics, before drawing attention to the lack of female directors shortlisted in the category. 

The Pitch Perfect star braved one joke aimed at the Royals back then, which included calling the venue the “Royal Andrew Hall” instead of the Royal Albert Hall – a tongue-in-cheek reference to Prince Andrew stepping down from royal duties.

Speaking about her hosting role this year, Rebel revealed that she was afraid of getting “cancelled” for her jokes.

“It”s different from presenting one award,” she admitted. 

“Your head is on the chopping block as the host, which is a bit scary. I get very nervous. 

“It’s a very hard time for comedians, because what can you say without being cancelled?”

“But I’m very cheeky, so I do like to tread that line. I hope people know that I’m coming from a good place,” she continued. 

The Bridesmaids star continued to confess she hoped audiences would take away her “love of the industry” from her time on stage and insisted she only had “good intentions”. 

Turning to the subject of the Royal Family, the Aussie actress expressed how excited she was for them to be in attendance. 

“Obviously there are usually royals in attendance; that’s exciting for me because my middle name is Elizabeth, after the Queen, and my sisters and my brother have royal middle names,” she said.

“It just adds that extra class if the royals attend.

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“Will I still say a joke? Yeah, but I’m obviously not going to say anything that’s going to get me kicked out of the country.

“I do have a royal family insider. I won’t say who. 

“I sometimes run a joke by this insider and they give me the thumbs up or thumbs down.”

The star went on to add that she planned to address some social issues, but that ultimately she just wants audiences to have a good time. 

“I definitely want to talk about some subjects,” she explained. 

“You can talk about social issues in a funny way, and it can affect some positive changes. 

“You sneak messages in through the jokes. But my overall mission is to entertain.”

Read Rebel’s full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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