Strictly fans bewildered by Zara McDermott ‘documentary maker’ remark

Zara McDermott discusses her injuries from dancing

Zara McDermott sparked division among Strictly Come Dancing fans on Saturday after she was referred to as a “documentary maker”.

The TV star is best known for taking part in the 2018 series of Love Island but has since gone on to host documentaries on the public broadcaster.

Upon hearing her introduction, one viewer typed on X: “Documentary maker Zara McDermott??? She’s a former love islander.” (sic)

Another commented: “BBC trying to pass Zara off as a “documentary maker” is reminiscent of when I’m A Celeb tried to say Becky Vardy was ‘known for her charity work’.”

Zara has previously said that she shouldn’t be defined by her reality TV past.

She told Grazia: “I did Love Island five years ago and I was only on the show for 10 or 11 days. So, as much as I’m not ashamed of being on Love Island – it doesn’t define me now in my life.”

She continued: “I’ve been making documentaries for over a year now and I’m really proud of myself and the work that I do.”

Since starring on Love Island in 2018, Zara McDermott has since gone on to present her own BBC documentaries, including Revenge Porn, Uncovering Rape Culture, and Disordered Eating- based on her own emotional experiences.

She explained: “Through the documentaries I make, my job is to talk to people and make them feel comfortable and listen to really harrowing stories about things that have happened to them.

“Now, I’m in a position where I’m in front of the camera, and I’m the person that’s got to be made to feel comfortable.”

On Hits Radio this week, Zara’s boyfriend and former Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson excitedly expressed his support for her Strictly journey.

He said: “I’m so excited to be along for the ride with Zara, I want to do TikTok dances with her partner and I’ve already got two dances in mind that I want to do.”

He added: “I’m getting nervous – Zara, bless her, is getting nervous too.”

It comes as Zara told OK! Magazine that she “hopes” the monarch will be watching her take part in the latest series of the ballroom competition.

first met Queen Camilla when she was invited to a Buckingham Palace reception to raise awareness of violence to women.

The Love Island star had released a documentary sharing her experience with revenge porn and had lots to chat about when she met avid Strictly Come Dancing fan, Queen Camilla.

Strictly Come Dancing returns next Saturday on BBC One.

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