This Morning fans horrified over woman who ‘makes £100k selling dead mice’

This Morning viewers were left horrified after watching a guest explain how she makes up to £100,000 selling stuffed dead mice on Friday’s show.

Taxidermist Katie Hardwick shocked fans as she appeared on the programme to discuss her creepy, yet surprisingly lucrative job while showing off her collection of stuffed mice to presenters Alison Hammond and Craig Doyle.

The hosts were stunned to learn that the 38 year old moulds up to five dead mice a day onto various positions on mini poles and yoga mats and is able to sell these from £55 up to £200 to willing customers.

When questioned by Craig if perhaps she thought she might be disrespecting the mice, Katie replied: “I just see it more as art and I personally think they look beautiful.”

However, viewers didn’t see it that way as they took to Twitter to rant about the taxidermist, as one person commented: "I know they're only mice, but still I find this so disrespectful."

"Not sure I would be smiling looking at a dead mouse hanging off a pole prefer to watch a live one running around tbh,” a second user wrote.

Another furious watcher said: “I rescued rats destined for snake food, a guy was giving up breeding them and his mice. I’ve seen how those animals were kept, 50+ kept in a plastic tub, females all pregnant, it was awful.

“That’s the trade this woman is funding, she should be ashamed."

Another viewer described Katie’s work as plain “weird” as they wrote: “Money from selling dead mice, just a bit weird”.

There was one viewer who had a more positive opinion as they commented: “I actually love these mice. They are already dead when she gets them, they are bred, killed and frozen for snakes to eat!

“So she isn’t physically killing them for this!"

Katie explained during her interview on This Morning that her interest in the strange activity sparked after her husband bought her a beginners’ taxidermy kit.

She added that she has also stuffed rabbits and squirrels into unique positions after finding them as roadkill — though she admitted to not having time to work on larger rodents, preferring to mould dead mice instead.

"I found them but I don't have time to be trawling the roads for roadkill so they come as and when,” Katie said.

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