Vanessa Feltz’s dumped ex defended as ‘a sweet guy’ by Apprentice star

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Ben Ofoedu admitted he has been struggling since his split from Vanessa, 61, last month after 16 years together when she discovered he had cheated on her during the relationship. Ryan-Mark Parsons, who took part in The Apprentice in 2019, recently secured an acting role alongside Vanessa’s dumped fiancé.

Ryan-Mark revealed Ben has been “candid” with the cast during rehearsals for their new London play, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, which is based on the hit Broadway Show.

The opening night will take place on March 30, with the columnist and Ben gearing up ahead of the show’s debut.

“I’m starring in this new immersive theatre. I was cast [in the play] after I auditioned,” Ryan-Mark told

“It’s based on a wedding that goes wrong and it’s an Italian-American family and I play the brother of the lead. He is very showbiz and camp.”

He added: “It’s going to be at the Olympic Park and I will be doing that for a while. I always wanted to get into acting and it’s something reality TV has allowed me to do.”

The small-screen star revealed he has been working alongside Ben who he branded a “sweet guy”.

“I’m also doing it alongside Ben [Ofoedu]. We’re in rehearsals,” Ryan-Mark explained.

“We’ve been rehearsing for the past two weeks so it’s coming together.”

He continued: “It’s also been fascinating getting to know Ben. He’s in his 50s and he’s started this off the back of the scandal with Vanessa.

“It’s been tough for him to learn lines and understand the beats and the choreography. All of the things we need to know. He’s been dealing with this media storm on the outside.

“He’s great. We get along really well.”

Addressing the cheating scandal, Ryan-Mark mused: “He’s been open and ultimately he’s been honest with the press. He’s been very candid about everything. I don’t want to get involved in their thing but he is just so sweet.

“I didn’t know him before.”

Ryan-Mark previously met Ben at a press night when he was still in a relationship with Vanessa.

He remarked: “My perception of him was disproven immediately. He is just so sweet and with the rest of the cast. He is down to earth and we are having a good time.

“We’re looking forward to opening [the show] to the public eventually.”

Ryan-Mark added he is excited to take to the stage despite being “thrown into the deep end” as he praised the show’s incredible cast.

Elsewhere, the TV star recently took part in a reality series where he immersed himself in the Welsh culture.

The Mwy na Daffs a Taffs series, which has been available to stream since March 2, includes The Apprentice competitor Ryan-Mark, The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins, and last year’s runner-up of ITV’s Love Island, Luca Bish.

The programme hopes to bring together some of the UK’s most famous reality celebrities with their own biases and assumptions about Wales, and try to immerse them in the culture to challenge the clichés.

Speaking about the show, Ryan-Mark said: “I literally had no idea what I was going to do but when I got to Wales they said you are going on a farm.”

He added it was a complete “culture shock” as a “born and bred Londoner” as the on-screen star got to work herding sheep on a Welsh Farm.

More than Daffs and Taffs (Mwy na Daffs a Taffs) boxset is on S4C Clic, BBCiPlayer and YouTube.

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