I'm heavily tattooed but have to cover myself completely for work – I don't mind but others call the policy 'outdated' | The Sun

A TATTOOED woman who has to cover herself from head to toe for work has insisted she doesn't mind her office's no tattoo policy.

She took to her Mrs Inked UK TikTok page to share a video of herself in her work get up – an H&M long-sleeved blouse, olive trousers also from H&M and New Look boots.

"What I wear as a heavily tattooed person in a no tattoo policy office job," she wrote over her video.

But she added: "I love my job, no hate. It’s called respecting rules."

In another video, she showed off her tattoo on one arm, a sleeve on the other, tattooed all over one leg and a large rose inking on the other thigh.

However, despite insisting that she doesn't mind her office's policy regarding her inked-up body, others were quick to slam it in the comments section.

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"As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters," one wrote.

"But not allowing tattoos is not something I expect to hear in 2023 .. ever."

"I'm happy, I'm in sales so it's the business request to cover them around customers," she replied.

"I'm glad you're happy but tattoo regulations would make me leave lol that's so outdated," another commented.

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"I basically work 4 days a week on full pay with the option of 5 weeks annual leave bonus, healthcare extra. I am more than happy," the woman insisted.

"no tattoo policy, didn't know this was a thing in 2023," a third wrote.

With the tattoo fan hitting back: "Yep maybe by 2050 we be all good, but until then I get to buy beautiful work clothes."

But someone else defended the policy, writing: "People are really so mad about the no tattoos thing.

"My airline doesn’t allow tattoos, I’m not gonna let that keep me from my dream job. Who cares?"

"I can’t have visible tattoos for important client meetings so I just keep a long sleeve blazer in the office," another added.


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