Why Fans Are Loving Will Ferrell’s GM Super Bowl Commercial

Fans love GM’s Super Bowl commercial about electric cars starring Will Ferrell. The General Motors ad titled “No Way, Norway” shows Ferrell finding out that Norway beats the U.S. in electric car use (via People). In the Super Bowl spot, the actor rounds up friends Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson, and chaos ensues.

“Hopefully people will have a good chuckle and then have the opportunity to think about driving an electric car and entertain that thought. But also continue to think of ways that they can live their lives to help the environment, help with climate change, help the planet,” the Step Brothers star told People

CNet reports the “No Way, Norway” commercial is part of General Motors program to introduce 30 new electric vehicles by 2025 and “demonstrate GM’s technological leadership in the field of EVs as well as the $27 billion it’s invested in this along with autonomous technology.”

But electric cars aren’t the reason people like GM’s Super Bowl LIV commercial. Fans also love it because it makes them laugh! Keep scrolling to find out more.

Will Ferrell versus Norway was a big win for viewers

General Motors’ Super Bowl commercial starring Will Ferrell created chatter on Twitter during the big game. The comedic style Ferrell made famous in films like Anchorman and Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby was in no short supply during this high-profile spot.

TV writer Bryan Behar tweeted: “Will Ferrell raging at Norway & punching a globe: first Super Bowl commercial I’ve laughed out loud at in years. Well done, GM. Or whoever it was for. I just remember Norway. #SuperBowl.” Houston Sports Anchor Rex Castillo tweeted: “Will Ferrell vs Norway, the rivalry I never knew I needed #SuperBowl.” As Mashable so eloquently tweeted: “Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl ad will make you want to fight Norway.” 

Ferrell has been into electric vehicles (EVs) since he bought one 15 years ago. “I was always fascinated by the technology and living in LA,” he told People. “I think my first one only had a range of 60 to 80 miles, but I actually found it to be such a pleasurable way to drive. And you also just felt good about driving because you were doing something nice for the environment.”

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