Wilmer Valderrama & Fiancée Amanda Pacheco Reveal Sex Of Their Baby – See The Cute Announcement!

Wilmer Valderrama and fiancée Amanda Pachecho announced the sex of their child today on Instagram in a sex reveal IGTV post that is SO adorbs!

We’re squeeeaaaling.

It’s a girl!

Leading with some mystery, the That ’70s Show star posted a bit of cryptic text along with his reveal video. About 45 minutes before that, he posted a separate pic of himself with Amanda in an artistic shot taken by celebrity photographer Michael Muller.

As it turns out, the couple held a reveal party MONTHS ago, and so what we’re seeing in the video is actually footage from early on in the pregnancy, though that time isn’t clearly stated. In the caption, Valderrama wrote:

“Wolf or Mermaid?

A moment that will live in our hearts, the instant we found out that we were having a ______ !

Of course, the #ItsJustUs3Now is a callback to January 2020 when Wilmer first proposed to Amanda, writing that it would just be the two of them.

And, you guys, so many people commented on the post to show their support and congrats! Many excitedly wrote “girl” to fill in the blank on the 40-year-old’s post. Others simply voiced their excitement. One person, however, wanted to understand why they hadn’t had the baby yet if this party happened in early 2020 — and there seemed to be some confusion about the timeline of the video.

They wrote:

‘Wait…so has the baby been born then? If this was early 2020?”

To which someone else responded that you could have an ultrasound as early as:

“8 weeks with sneak peak I did it and it was ???? % accurate.”

Still, another person pointed out the fact that we don’t know what the couple considers “early” in 2020. They wrote:

“It depends on your definition of ‘early’ in the year. It’s quite possible they didn’t want to make any announcement until after the first trimester. It’s also quite possible that they may have another announcement coming very very soon!”

Ch-ch-check out the reveal post BEEEELOW:

A post shared by Wilmer Valderrama (@wilmervalderrama)

And here’s the post Amanda shared showcasing their pregnancy:


A post shared by amandapacheco???????? (@seaweanie)

For now, we’re keeping an ear out. Following the two lovebirds on their romantic journey together as been AMAZING, and we’re so excited for them to welcome their baby girl into the world sometime soon!

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