48 Genius Things That Are Total Bargains On Amazon

If you’re anything like me, you love the adrenaline rush from finding a good deal. Whether it’s the set of plates you scored at a garage sale, or the sweater you found on clearance at the back of the store (and which you wear constantly), or these genius bargains on Amazon, there’s deep satisfaction in knowing you got something great without paying top dollar. And if you haven’t yet discovered the joys of unearthing fabulous finds that won’t break the bank — well, let’s just say this list is a good place to start.

Top of the list for me is a vitamin C serum that does the work of more expensive skin-care products that generally cost two to three times more. This little wonder formula prevents breakouts, smooths skin, brightens the complexion, and gives your face an overall glow. Even better? It’s earned more than 9,000 reviews, so you know it’s got to be good.

And even if your skin-care arsenal is all stocked up, you should stick around because I’ve packed this list with products for the rest of your life too, so you can upgrade your kitchen, bedroom, and even your technology (sneak peek: a cleaning brush for your earbuds). Read on for more clever and popular products at bargain basement prices.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. A Skin-Brightening Vitamin C Serum With 9,000 Reviews

This vitamin C serum proves that premium skin care doesn’t have to come at a high price. This K-beauty favorite has earned more than 9,000 ratings and reviewers praise the way it brightens skin, fades dark spots, and clears up acne. Apply it every day for complexion that’s downright glowing.

2. An Affordable 4-Pack Of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Chapped lips are no fun, so keep your pout moisturized with this value pack Burt’s Bees lip balm. Formulated with coconut and sunflower seed oils, the balms are naturally flavored with refreshing cucumber and mint, so they taste as good as they feel. Plus, all of Burt’s Bees’ products are made with responsibly sourced oils, butters, and waxes.

3. A Soothing Scalp Massager To Use While Shampooing

This shampoo brush massager is favored by over 38,000 reviewers who have awarded it a five-star rating. "This massager feels so good," wrote one pleased shopper. Indeed, the soft silicone bristles soothe the scalp and help promote circulation. It’s perfect for all hair types and can be used both wet and dry. Grab this brush in black, green, purple, or pink.

4. A Rotary Grater That Protects Hands From Sharp Edges

Raise your hand if you’ve been nicked by a grater. Well, no more, says this rotary slicer. It’s designed with a rotating drum and hand crank to quickly and safely grate, slice, and shred everything from cheese to nuts to fruits and vegetables. The three interchangeable blades are dishwasher-safe, and the grater is available in red and teal.

5. A Compact Cleaning Brush For Electronic Devices

Although it looks like a pen, this is actually a cleaning brush designed to get into the nooks and crannies of your electronic devices to wipe away the dust and gunk that can accumulate over time. The retractable pen has soft bristles on one side and a silicone point on the other, so you can clean cameras, between keyboard keys, or even your earbuds.

6. This Surge Protector With Four Pivoting Outlets

Do yourself a favor and snag this outlet extender ASAP. It’s engineered with four AC sockets that rotate so you can conveniently plug in, along with two USB charging ports. It offers great flexibility, and the surge protector filters out electrical interference, which can increase their lifespan of your devices.

7. An Organizing Hook For Your Headphones

If you’re #teamheadphones, you’re probably still dealing with the hassle of tangled wires. Luckily, this headphones organizer is here to alleviate that headache. It clamps onto any desk or table, so you can do away with clutter, and there’s even a hook to corral the cord. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees, so it’s never in the way.

8. A Sleek & Portable Laptop Desk You Can Take On The Go

What better way to acclimate to a more flexible work climate than with this portable laptop desk? Compact and lightweight, the desk features a removable pad for comfort and a built-in handle that makes it easy to take with you from room to room. It’s available in a few fun colors including hot pink, indigo blue, and mint.

9. A Fabric Shaver That Removes Pilling & Lint With Ease

This fabric shaver will keep your favorite knitwear looking brand new and keep your dry cleaning bill to a minimum. The shaver gently and efficiently removes lint and fuzz from sweaters, blankets, and more. It has three shaving heights, two speed settings, and various hole sizes to accommodate different fabrics, including cashmere, wool, and other delicates.

10. This Pint-Sized Bluetooth Speaker That Offers Amazing Sound

Looking for a truly portable Bluetooth speaker? This one fits in the palm of your hand and weights just one-tenth of a pound. But don’t be fooled by its size and sparkle, it packs a sonic punch, amplifying music with crystal clear perfection (no distortions here). The speaker can play for up to four hours without needing to be recharged and comes in three colors: silver, gold, and black.

11. A Bamboo Charging Station For All Your Devices

An affordable way to tidy up your space, this bamboo charging station is a must-have tech accessory. The dock allows you to charge multiple devices at once (including phones, tablets, and smart watches) and has a magnetic base that’s quick and simple to assemble. One reviewer wrote, "I like how compact it is and even has space in the slots for the iPads that have very thick cases." Pick up a multi-port USB charger, and you’re good to go.

12. This Sandwich Maker That Prepares Breakfast In Just 5 Minutes

Start your mornings off right with this breakfast sandwich maker. Designed with individual layers for eggs, breads, and breakfast meat, it whips up tasty meals in as little as five minutes. The nonstick cooking plates are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, so you won’t have a sink full of dishes to do when you’re all done.

13. A Wi-Fi Extender That Will Improve Your At-Home Internet Coverage

Tired of getting weak internet signals when you stray too far from your modem? This Wi-Fi extender makes that an issue of the past, and it doesn’t require a heftier internet bill, either. It boosts internet coverage up to 1,500 square feet and allows up to 25 devices to connect at once, so you can say goodbye to lagging browsers once and for all.

14. The Handbag Holder That Will Help Reduce Distracted Driving

Instead of rummaging through your car for your purse at a stoplight, keep it upright and close by at all times with this pocketbook organizer. Secure it to the head rest of the two front seats and allow it to fill the gap in the middle. Then slip your handbag in and you can rest assured it won’t tip over when you take a tight turn.

15. A Windshield Repair Kit That Minimizes The Appearances Of Chips

While this windshield crack repair kit looks very involved, I promise it’s easy to use. It includes two bottles of resin, a razor blade, needle, positioning bracket, and more to repair small cracks and chips in as little as 20 minutes. Now you now longer need to fear flying pebbles from the car in front of you.

16. A Transmitter That Gives You Bluetooth Capabilities In Your Car

Don’t have Bluetooth capability in your car? Get it on the cheap with this FM Bluetooth transmitter. Just find an unused FM frequency, then sync it to the transmitter, and you can stream music and take phone calls right through your stereo. Plus, it has two USB ports, so you can still charge your phone on the go.

17. A Car Vacuum That Reaches Into Narrow Spaces

Save at the car wash and keep your ride in pristine condition with his handheld vacuum. It plugs into your 12-volt outlet and features a 15-foot cord that reaches all the way to your trunk, and it comes with three attachments: a brush nozzle for carpet, a soft tube for cupholders, and a flat nozzle for narrow spaces. Plus, its ability to work on dry and wet surfaces makes it a real winner.

18. This Extension Gel Nail Kit That’s Easy To Use

Cut salon expenses and do your own manicure at home with this extension gel nail kit. It includes all the essentials: an LED lamp, 48 nail molds, six gel polishes, a base coat, top coat, slip solution, nail file, and brush. With proper application, the manicure can last up to 30 days.

19. An Affordable Mascara That Nourishes Lashes With Vitamin E

Looking to give your lashes an extra pop without damaging them? This Maybelline washable mascara is just the ticket. Packed with nourishing vitamin E, it strenghtens and hydrates lashes to prevent breakage, and the formula gives the dramatic effect of falsies without the hefty price tag. "I actually love this stuff & it’s awesome," shared one reviewer. "It goes on smoothly, no clumping or smudging."

20. A Foot Peel That Leaves Your Feet Smooth & Soft To The Touch

These foot masks gently and gradually exfoliate rough skin to leave you with softer, smoother feet. The booties are soaked in a blend of lavender extract, lactic acid, and oil that work in tandem to peel away dry, cracked skin. For best results: Wash and dry feet, wear socks for 60 to 90 minutes, then rinse away excess product. You’ll start to see results within a week.

21. A Mirror That Won’t Fog Up In The Shower

At last, a shower mirror that won’t fog up while you’re exfoliating or trying to shave. This beauty is designed with an anti-fog coating that keeps it crystal clear, even in the steamiest showers. It’s easy to install, too: Simply mount it with the power-locking suction cup. (It even has a hook for your razor.)

22. These Silicone Face Brushes That Help Unclog Pores

If you’re looking for an easy way to deep clean your face, smooth skin, and unclog pores, add these face scrubbers to your beauty routine, stat. The tiny brushes are designed with silicone bristles that gently exfoliate skin, and since they’re reusable, you won’t have to keep restocking. Perfect for all skin types, the scrubbers will leave you with a fresh, radiant glow.

23. A Waterproof Electric Razor With A Flexible Head

This electric razor is fully waterproof, so it can safely be used in the shower, and it’s designed with a flexible head that painlessly removes unwanted hair from the face, armpits, legs, and bikini area. The razor also features a LED light (so you can be sure you don’t miss any spots) and a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 50 minutes of use on a full charge.

24. These Shower Curtain Liners That Are Mildew-Resistant

These shower curtain liners have been treated with an anti-mildew formula that helps prevent gunk growth, so you won’t have to scrub them down or replace them anytime soon. Available in frosted, white, and clear versions, they’re sized to fit most standard showers and feature anti-rust grommets.

25. A Cozy Wearable Blanket With A Hood & Pockets

It doesn’t get more cozy than this wearable blanket. The hooded blanket has a soft and plush sherpa lining and two large pockets in front. It’s designed for full-body coverage and is just the thing you’ll want to rock while relaxing on the sofa. Get yours in red, gray, or navy.

26. The Cooking Oil Sprayers With Measurement Markers

Store your cooking oils, vinaigrettes, and soy sauce in these cooking oil sprayers. The clear glass bottles are capped with stainless steel tops and are complete with measurement markers that help you to keep track of the contents. They make it easy to gloss your food with olive oil or add a little brightness with lemon or vinegar.

27. These Ultrasonic Pest Repellers That Won’t Harm Animals

These ultrasonic pest repellers can be placed in various parts of your home to fend off rodents, insects, ants, and more. They plug into any wall outlet where they emit electromagnetic waves that keep pests away without harming them, and they’re safe for use around your pets, too. Note: It takes up to four weeks before you notice you a significant improvement, but it’s worth it in the long run.

28. A Handheld Milk Frother That Can Also Be Used As A Whisk

This handheld milk frother can be used to whip up thick, foamy beverages, but can also be used as a whisk, since it comes with an egg-beating attachment that’s powerful enough to aerate up to five eggs at once. The battery-operated device operates at the press of a button and is small enough to store in a drawer.

29. The Cushioned Standing Mat That Offers Comfort To Tired Feet

If you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or at a standing desk, do yourself a favor and grab this cushioned mat. The mat is made with high-density foam that offers soft support to your feet, joints, and spine, and the nonslip backing keeps it in place. Choose from four colors and sizes.

30. These Thermoregulating Sheets That Keep You Cool At Night

Soft, cool, and breathable are all accurate ways to describe these queen-size bed sheets. They’re made with thermoregulating microfiber to keep you from overheating, and the set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. One reviewer wrote, "Love the classic, clean, simplicity of this sheet set. The sheets are soft and keep me cool and comfortable through the night."

31. The Heat-Resistant & Waterproof Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set

This set of two oven mitts and two pot holders will help protect you and delicate kitchen surfaces from scalding pans. Made from silicone, they’re heat-resistant up to 484 degrees Fahrenheit and are waterproof, so you can wipe them clean. The mitts are designed with a padded lining for added comfort and protection, and they come in five color options.

32. A Cutting Board Set With Near-Perfect Ratings

With a 4.9-star overall rating, this cutting board set is a true fan favorite. The set comes with three boards in varying sizes, and each one features grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around and a groove around the perimeter to collect excess juices. Each dishwasher-safe board has a non-porous surface that keeps out harmful bacteria and the handles make them easy to pull out of your cupboard.

33. A Mug That Can Keep Beverages Cold For Up To 18 Hours

You’ll never want to leave home without this insulated mug that keeps beverages cold for 18 hours or hot for four. The sweat-free flask is made from stainless steel and is 100% leakproof. Plus, you can purchase it in three sizes and over two dozen fun colors like bubble gum, arctic glow, and timber.

34. This Sleek Wine Rack You Can Install Underneath Your Cabinet

This under-cabinet glass rack is an ingenious solution to stemware storage. With space for six to nine glasses, it frees up room in your cabinets and comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting. Choose from three finishes: black, gold, brown, or white.

35. A Bubble-Popping Fidget Toy That Helps Relieve Stress

Feeling tense? Keep this bubble-popping fidget toy nearby. The flexible toy mimics the soothing feeling of popping bubble wrap. Just press down on all the bubbles, then flip it over and start again. It’s reusable, washable, and a cheap and easy way to decompress.

36. The Multipurpose Storage Cart With Wheels

This multipurpose storage cart can be used in your kitchen for pantry supplies, bathroom for spare towels and hair tools, or home office to store essentials that don’t have a home. It features three tiers that give you plenty of storage space and wheels that make it easy to move. The cart is a cinch to assemble and doesn’t require tools or hardware.

37. This Tablet Stand That Adjusts For Optimal Viewing

Treat your tablet more like a computer screen with this adjustable stand that holds tablets either vertically or horizontally. It has sturdy feet that keep it securely in place, and it’s angle-adjustable, so you can find the perfect view. Choose from three colors: black, silver, and rose gold.

38. These Furniture Leg Caps That Protect Your Floors From Getting Scratched

Slip these caps onto the feet of your furniture legs to protect your floors from getting damaged. The silicone covers stretch over most styles of legs and have reinforcing gel at the center to keep them from slipping off. One reviewer wrote, "No longer need to worry about scratching the floor when moving the chairs. Grip and fit is perfect […] Is quite unnoticeable and doesn’t ruin the look of the chair. Highly recommend!"

39. The Desk Lamp With Completely Customizable Lighting Options

This desk lamp is designed to offer a soft, diffused light that goes easy on your eyes while you work. It’s adjustble, so you can angle it where you need illumination most, and it operates on 10 brightness settings and three color modes: white light, warm light, and warm white light.

40. The Motion-Sensor Light Strip For Your Closet Or Cabinets

With this motion-sensor light strip, you can illuminate your closet every time you open the door, or light up the underside of your cabinets when you head into the kitchen for a snack. The light strip installs easily with adhesive backing, but it’s also magnetic, so you can instantly attach it to any metal surfaces.

41. The Foot Rest That Makes Hours Of Sitting More Comfortable

Keep your feet comfortable and take the pressure off your joints with this ergonomic foot rest. It’s made with high-density foam and can also be flipped over and used as a rocker to keep your legs moving, even when you’re sitting still. The soft, zippered cover is removable and machine-washable.

42. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That’s Contoured For Comfort

Make long hours at your desk much more comfortable with this memory foam seat cushion. The U-shaped cushion offers soft but firm support, and it’s contoured to properly align your back and hips. Plus, the memory foam is ventilated throughout, which means you won’t overheat while you’re sitting on it.

43. The Spice Rack That Expands To Maximize Space

This spice rack expands from 12 inches to 24 inches, which means you can maximize the space in your kitchen cabinet without overcrowding it. Made from sturdy steel, the three-tier rack has space for up to 21 spice jars, and you can also separate it into two pieces if that’s a better fit for your cupboard.

44. This Crepe Griddle That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In Paris

Even if you can’t make it to Paris, this crepe griddle can make it feel like you’re walking along the Champs Elysées. The griddle has an adjustable temperature dial and comes with a wooden scraper and spatula, so you can thinly spread out the batter. And since it’s nonstick, removing your crepes from the griddle is a breeze.

45. A Set Of Chopsticks Made From Natural Polished Wood

Round out your silverware drawer with a set of these reusable chopsticks. Made from polished wood, the set comes with five chopstick pairs in different colors, and each one features a nonslip finish that makes it easy to grab everything from sushi to udon noodles.

46. This Electric Can Opener That Won’t Leave Jagged Edges Behind

Give your hands a rest and let this electric can opener do the work. More compact and storage-friendly than countertop openers, it works with just the touch of a button, and doesn’t leave jagged edges behind. It operates on AA batteries and works on cans of all sizes.

47. These Dishcloths That Are More Absorbent Than The Rest

Made from 100% cotton, these dishcloths feature a waffle-weave texture that makes them highly absorbent, so they’ll quickly clean up spills. They’re also lightweight and soft, so you can clean delicate dishes (including wine glasses), without fear of damage. The set comes with eight, and you can choose from colors like red, beige, and coffee.

48. A Set Of Ice Cube Molds To Upgrade Your Cocktails

Cocktail connoisseurs: If you’re looking to upgrade your mixology game, this set of ice trays is a must. The oversized sphere and cube molds are perfect for chilling whiskey or other mixed drinks, since they melt more slowly and won’t water anything down. Drinking on the rocks? Use the honeycomb mold to add a little style while you sip.

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