7 Viral Fashion Items Trending on TikTok Right Now



From the rise of Barbiecore to the takeover of Miu Miu’s micro miniskirt, viral trends come and go at dizzying speeds. As a platform, TikTok documents the popularity of these aesthetics most rapidly, as the For You Page aggregates users’ interests, putting people onto budding trends almost instantaneously. In a matter of moments, we see them everywhere, including on the social media feeds of celebrities.

These popular styles, which quickly go in and out of public favor, are often expensive ventures that rely on our tendency to impulsively consume so that we look as if we are “in the know.” But just because an item seems to quickly fade from the mainstream doesn’t mean it’s an immediate wardrobe faux pas.

Miu Miu’s micro mini, for example, will continue to be an interesting and memorable silhouette that is wearable enough to incorporate into your wardrobe at a sustainable pace. (This means, you don’t have to toss it once it becomes unpopular and should instead allow it to inspire your ongoing sense of style.)

To keep you up-to-date with some examples of these viral fashion trends, we’ve put together a list of the latest looks buzzing on social media, the streets, and celebrities alike. With a variety of garments and accessories here — ranging from colorful, crochet shrugs to bulky headphones that look straight out of the ’90s — you’re bound to find something that suits you, along with a reason to tap into following the aesthetics that seem to be on everybody’s radar.

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