Amanda Holden shares top bedroom tips including naked trampolining and primal sex to help couples between the sheets

BEING sexy isn’t about how you look or what you wear, but it is about attitude.

Amanda Holden knows it, and is now giving sexy tips to Alison Hammond, her co-presenter on new BBC1 game show I Can See Your Voice.

This week Alison, 46 said of her 50-year-old colleague: “She taught me how to show a bit more leg sitting down, how to edge the skirt up a little bit.

"She taught me about sex appeal.” Amanda has been with hubby Chris for 19 years.

Georgette Culley shares the mother of two’s wisdom on keeping the love – and the lust – very much alive.

PRIMAL SEX: WE all want “just met” sex to last in long-term relationships, but research shows most couples lose the honeymoon phase between six months to a year after meeting.

Incredibly, Amanda and Chris still have “primal sex” after nearly two decades, and she says: “He can’t keep his hands off me.

“I actually tell him off because I say, ‘I don’t want to have a kiss and a grope while I’m trying to load the dishwasher’.”

But Amanda is boss in the bedroom and says: “Crispy’s up for it any time. Always. So it’s when I decide. Poor chap!”

And she says the secret behind their deep connection is appreciation and respect, in and out of the bedroom.

Addressing Chris, she says: “I catch myself looking at you every day and loving you a little bit more. How is that even possible?”

NAKED TRAMPOLINING: AMANDA’S daredevil personality is very attractive because it shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is up for a bit of fun.

When Chris recently dared her to leap naked on their daughters’ trampoline in their garden, she didn’t hesitate. She says: “I would encourage anyone at home to strip off and have a cheeky bounce.”

Being playful with your partner is the key to flirting and keeping that passion alive. Research shows couples who flirt together are stronger and last longer than those who don’t.

Flirting reassures us that we are still desired and sexually attractive. What’s more, it is good to let your hair down and be silly with your partner from time to time.

BE A FLIRT: AMANDA says: “My grandmother flirts and is very tactile and my mother is too, and definitely my sister.

"So I think it’s in my genes.”

Flirting sparks the brain’s pleasure receptors, releasing the hormones noradrenalin and dopamine, which are also released when we exercise, and make us feel and look good.

So that’s how Amanda gets her glow.


Research shows that those with high self-esteem are the most attractive to the opposite sex, because secure men and women attract high-value partners, whereas clinginess was voted the ultimate turn-off in a recent study.

Despite being married for years, Amanda takes her independence to a new level.

Describing herself as a “strong, opinionated woman” she has her own bank account and says: “I can spend my money on what I want, and that’s that.”

LOTS OF KISSING: WHEN we kiss, our brain releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps lovers bond and feel attached.

Research shows couples who kiss regularly have greater relationship satisfaction, and Amanda couldn’t agree more.

She calls Chris “an amazing kisser” and says it “really matters” in a relationship. Hear, hear, Amanda!

BIG LAUGHS: RESEARCH shows couples who laugh together stay together, and that is the case with Amanda’s long and happy marriage.

During lockdown she posted snaps of her mowing the lawn in her wedding dress and wearing a ballgown to put out the bins.

Talking about her marriage, she says: “The secret to our success is humour. We take the mickey out of each other mercilessly.

“Make jokes out of any situation throughout the best and darkest times of our lives.”

COOK NAKED: BEING in the buff encourages intimacy and openness in a relationship, and it works for Amanda, who recently cooked a roast dinner naked because she didn’t have time to dress.

She says: “It’s absolutely par for the course for me to be walking around with no clothes on in our house.

“I was quite literally the Naked Chef. I got out of the shower, realised I was running late to get everything on the table so I didn’t bother to get dressed.

“I just raced downstairs, got the potatoes on, the meat in the oven and my veggie option. It definitely made it more interesting.”


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