Bizarre optical illusion leaves people’s ‘brains hurting’ – but can you work out what’s going on?

AN OPTICAL illusion has left everyone's 'brains hurting' and confused as to what's reality.

A bizarre optical illusion has taken the internet by storm, after people complained it left them with ''two brain cells''.

The mind-boggling clip was shared on the TikTok page, Gloss (@gloss) – though they didn't give credit to the original creator of the trippy illusion.

At the start of the video, which has been viewed more than 385,000 times, it appeared that there was a person's hand holding a rock or a piece of brick.

Standing by the coast of a still river, lake, pond or sea, they then proceeded to throw the piece of rock in the water.

As the impact caused a big splash, the camera zoomed in – only for the splash of water to then turn into a glass bottle.

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With a label partially visible, the video showed the neck of the bottle from different angles, before suddenly zooming in more and revealing something entirely different.

What had initially appeared to be an old glass bottle now had become only a painting inside a rusty barrel on the ground, with leftover blue paint on the side.

Then, towards the end of the bizarre video, someone kicked the barrel which made it fall down on an extremely muddy surface.

A second or so later, the camera quickly zoomed out and now instead of lying on the ground, the barrel was a miniature painting on a dirty and worn-out shovel that also appeared to be missing its stick.

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As the shovel was chucked away – which was also the end of the clip – many baffled viewers took it to comments to share their confusion and seek answers.

One confessed: ''this hurts my brain'', with others saying they simply could not understand what they had just watched.


Someone else was left speechless: ''I don’t know what’s reality anymore.''

''Am I real wait a minute,'' a fellow user of the platform seemed to feel a little disoriented.

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During the 13 seconds of the journey, a person claimed they had gone ''to many different universes''.

''I think my brain and eyes had a stroke,'' read one of the many comments on the video, which has been liked by almost 26,000 people on the internet.

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