Chinese New Year Zodiac love compatibility – Best matches and date partners

LIKE the Western horoscope there are 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac,  but instead of changing once a month they change once a year.  

Find your Chinese sign from the tables, then discover which of the 144 love matches will really bring out your animal passions and why The Ox is just what we need. 


Love rats need to feel that the object of their desire is also a match for their own sharp, adaptable brain.

You’re a generous, sexy lover – but total intolerance of boredom can spark some silly rows.

Now find out how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

OX You’re crafty enough to skirt under  your partner’s obstinacy without them realising. They give you all the emotional security and deep loving you need. You provide the pizzazz.

TIGER You’re a pair of pepped-up  partygoers who have powerful jobs.  Tiger lovers like to make all the rules – but  you don’t mind playing that game. You can tame your tiger – they admire your cool 

RABBIT You could take this quiet, attentive lover for granted. But then you’ll never discover their solid steel inner core and lose out on real physical passion. Rabbits are looking for lifetime romance.

DRAGON A best possible match of two redhot lovers. You both live by impulse, go in for great infatuations – for each other’s type. The future really is bright for you two super-optimists 

SNAKE Once you melt away that shyness, your snake’s sensually hypnotic. Their  mystery both maddens and enthrals you. They look to your sharp wit to help them shine 

HORSE Are they crazy? You bet – but  their desire to explore all love’s angles gets you hooked. They’ll blast away your cynical outer shell. 

List of 12 star signs

The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below.

  • Capricorn: December 22 – January 20
  • Aquarius: January 21 – February 18
  • Pisces: February 19 – March 20
  • Aries: March 21 – April 20
  • Taurus: April 21 – May 21
  • Gemini: May 22 – June 21
  • Cancer:  June 22 – July 22
  • Leo: July 23 – August 23
  • Virgo: August 24 – September 22
  • Libra: September 23 – October 23
  • Scorpio: October 24 – November 22
  • Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

GOAT They crave being pampered, but  you could baulk at their expensive tastes. Could be frustrating when you first set up  home together. But once they trust their  heart to you, they’ll become more adventurous.

MONKEY Never try to put one over on  your partner – you’ll both die laughing! Mentally, you’re as in tune as identical  twins. You fuel each others’ ambitions  and love up a sex storm. Brilliant partnership.

ROOSTER You’re not oversensitive, but  even so, could find this character’s  critical comments hard to swallow. It will only work if you find them too sexy to resist. 

DOG You wish you could earn this  lover’s legendary loyalty. Yet can you  keep up with their famous need for constant reassurance? They have so much warmth, it may be worth it. 

PIG Love this one and you’ll have to take their whole family on board. Highly charged lovemaking and deep loyalty are your rewards – but getting to know them will be hard.

RAT You can both be so selfish – and used to getting what you want. Yet if you give each other some space, and don’t leave your charm behind on the doormat, you’ll strike love riches.


You’d never admit it, but you’re a super-choosy lover who aims very high.

Maybe your partner’s a celeb whose career you helped shape.

You hide passion under iron self control, need a lover who’ll never let you down… 

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs

TIGER Temperamental outbursts and big scenes will only keep you keen for so long. You could douse the tiger’s love insecurities – but do you want a lifetime  as someone’s support network? 

RABBIT They won’t mind playing second fiddle but you could get so bored. But you’ve a soft, sentimental centre and this lovemate might play your tune, after all.

DRAGON Too daring and risky for you? You’ll have to be the judge of that! You’ll adore their hot energy and exotic love style. So why not adjust your own personality to make this work…

SNAKE Good blend of sensual, slowburn cautious types who hate making love mistakes. You’ll enjoy being this person’s emotional mainstay. They’ll make you proud of them.

HORSE This partner will never be the well-organised, money-cautious mate You dream about. You could try taking a leaf out of their travel book and acting on  impulse to give love its wings.

GOAT Once they see how strong-minded  and totally dependable you are, they’ll feel free to unleash their love magic. Until then, it could be slow moving.

MONKEY Complicated, spendthrift and  tricksy to deal with at all levels, this lover could be a lovetime’s challenge. If you  have a strong sense of humour and plenty of patience, it could sizzle, though.

ROOSTER This lover’s a real looker with  more of a brain than they let on. Try coaxing them to show their feelings – they will in time. This love may start at work and lead to long, happy marriage. 

DOG Their heart’s in the right place but their lack of judgement puzzles and dismays you. You won’t fathom their emotive nature – they could find you too bossy and self-controlled. Tricky.

PIG Pleasure-seeking and self-indulgent, this lover could bring out the puritan in you. Or you could let your hair down and join in the fun… You’ll both want to  work hard on your romance.

RAT You need this lover’s subtle psychological skills. They seek your protection and integrity. Hot loving in private is masked by charm and discretion in public. You’ll like being  pampered, too.

OX Horrendous head-on clash of stubborn feel-alikes. But it could grow  into a working relationship in time. Just don’t overdo the working side!


A tiger – in the sack, or out – needs variety and excitement to keep them  keen.

You may find it hard to settle on one love – and being so attractive, you’re spoilt for choice.

You seek unconventional, hotblooded types – like you.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

RABBIT They’re mesmerised in your  bright headlights and wish they could be as daring as you. You just wish they would cut the niceties and say what they mean. This attentive lover could be too tentative in bed for you… 

DRAGON Headstrong, loyal and too hasty to trust, this lover may prove very stimulating. But there could be a battle royal for the role of chief in this dynamic household.

SNAKE Your constant quest for life success could clash with this sign’s desire to keep a low profile and follow a gentler pace. You’ll disagree over money – but lovemaking will be good.

HORSE You make a spirited pair who  don’t care what the neighbours think when your curtains stay drawn all day… Don’t mistake your flighty lover’s style for infidelity. Great combination.

GOAT This partner loves deeply, or not  at all. You’ll adore their dependable, domesticated nature at first, but may go off them when they get too clingy.

MONKEY This could be one of the few  signs who aren’t impressed by your show-off rule-the-roost manner. You may view their very sharp wit and funny, teasing tongue with mistrust. This could work but one of you must take second  billing…

ROOSTER You view the whole picture in  a flash, they peer at the smallest details,  one at a time. Opposites in so many ways, you do share sex appeal and energy.

DOG You admire their idealism – so like your own – and feel secure in this stable  relationship. This person’s loyal, clear headed love helps curb your impetuous excesses. Supersensual bliss.

PIG Cuddly, harmonious love here. You can’t resist those open displays of passion and undying loyalty. They bring out the lovebeast in you. Just don’t let sexual jealousy in to spoil it.

RAT You’re so unalike, you’ll just have to keep some parts of your lives separate.  The Rat person’s teasing may undermine  your self-confidence, but the biggest obstacle is their ability to hold back their emotions.

OX Sometimes you’ll feel like putting a firework under the heels of this stolid,  sweet-natured soul. They’re conservative, you’re a rebel. Yet their loyal heart could  help love grow. 

TIGER Explosive mix that vibrates with passion, lust and lovers’ tiffs. You both like spending money like water, but otherwise have no real problems. Two superstar love winners.


Shy on the outside, sultry sexbomb underneath.

You need plenty of physical passion, matched by lots of sensitive, caring hugs and listening time.

Your ideal partner would understand your mercurial moods and desire to avoid conflict.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

DRAGON This ambitious, volatile person  could always lift your spirits – and make you aim higher in work and life. You add realism to their magic. They make lovemaking more vivid. 

SNAKE You may not understand this  sign’s secrecy and need to be alone sometimes. They could also turn out to be more controlling than you expected.

HORSE Will this flirty funster ever grow up? Probably not. So you’ll have to accept their happy-go-lucky, fickle outlook on life  and they’ll have to adjust to your home-loving instincts.

GOAT You’ll take a while to size each other up but could stay in love forever. You’re the supportive, practical, sensible  partner this person needs. Domestic bliss beckons.

MONKEY Smart and witty, this lover can puzzle you with mind games and tantalising love moves. Perhaps you are both too realistic to fall for that old love trap. Perhaps not.

ROOSTER There could be more sex than you’d bargained for – and a long list of  your faults paraded. This lover believes in chivvying to get the best. 

DOG Their upfront, tactless, trusting nature switches on your romantic nuclear core. You can’t wait to be protected by this adoring individual. They’ll home in on the reassuring lovenest you build.

PIG You’re attracted by their openhearted generous style. They turn out to  be very sexy and indulgent and passion will soar, the longer this lasts. 

RAT Homelife draws you both into a cosy huddle. But you’ll never quite develop your partner’s love of entertaining. This lover can brighten your mood.

OX Two cautious types who aren’t sure they want love to turn their worlds  upside-down. But what the Ox lacks in sensitivity, they make up for in physical  fitness and love stamina

TIGER You’ll find this colourful, electric character hard to avoid – or resist. They could turn your life around, you could  soothe their secret insecurity.

RABBIT You appreciate each others’ subtlety and revel in romantic love tokens. But as each wants to be adored,  you may have to make more effort to be  demonstrative. Calm love that grows.


Extra lucky in love, you can still suffer the odd emotional disaster because you plunge into romance without using much judgement.

You can also immerse yourself so deeply in work that partners feel neglected.

You’re turned on  by lovemaking in exotic places, need daily doses of both passion and cuddles. 

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

SNAKE Full of sensual mystery and sexy secret love moves, this sign exerts strong  appeal. You admire the way they take life easy, never hurrying romance or allowing trivial things to shoulder it aside. They are drawn to your passion – and can match it with their own, in the right setting.

HORSE This is a love full of surprises and many changes of scene. Your Horse love is more impetuous than you and easily able to throw in their job and everything else for the sake of a great love affair. You’ll worry about their fidelity but must give them their freedom. 

GOAT This gentle soul gets easily upset  and could be too timid a lover for you. But if you’re prepared to be a supportive  pal as well as passion partner, it will become stronger and stronger.

MONKEY This tireless duo could win a gold for sexual athletics, Oscars for domestic drama. Well-matched mentally and physically. 

ROOSTER Smooth out a few rough edges to your romance – such as rivalry and vanity – and you’ll go great guns. Don’t try to outshine each other  and loving will stay sweet.

DOG You’ll roar orders, they’ll bite back. Tricky – you both want the same things, both attack life with aggression. Be humble enough to learn from one another or love will quickly exit.

PIG They can offer steadfast, enduring love and have plenty of patience. Intensely romantic, this lover can’t wait to be your loyal lieutenant 

RAT Charming and resourceful, this partner can twist your heart through flattery – but will follow you to the ends  of the earth. They won’t mind you being  the big boss.

OX You’ll be puzzled by the caution and stubbornness this sign shows when you’re trying to get to know them. But it could lead to a strong love that’s rooted in reality. 

TIGER Free expression is the key to this unconventional match. Neither will want to follow the other’s lead. And you both have quick tempers.

RABBIT If it’s emotional peace and a homely haven you seek, this sign is your ideal. You’ll always be the protector, they’ll provide the companionship and creativity.

DRAGON Keep out – unless you draw the dividing line between home and work, loving and competing, in very dark ink. Exciting, though.


A baked Alaska in reverse, you hide that  hot heart under a smooth cool exterior.

Your quiet, hypnotic charm ensures plenty of love offers.

Yet you must guard  your inner space, too. Only real love makes you uncoil completely.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs…

HORSE Free-loving, fun and flighty, this sign can flip in and out of love so easily. You can’t. You might find this partner  disturbing – but worth a try. They need your practicality.

GOAT Love signs may be so subtle to start with, neither of you notices romance beginning. This clingy touchy  partner won’t like your solitary phases, could be too emotional.

MONKEY A battle of wits, a tangle of limbs. Who’ll win this love tug-of-war? Depends which of you is smart enough to concede defeat first. 

ROOSTER Both of you are power and  passion-hungry. But you could prefer money-grubbing to lovemaking.

DOG Totally loyal, upfront and quick to defend, this sign has a very different character to yours. Yet you’ll like their principles and the way they make you feel wanted.

PIG Easygoing, trusting and naïve, that’s your Pig on the surface. Delve deeper and you’ll find a sensual, passion-filled partner who’s a lot cannier than they look.

RAT You’re the most upwardly-mobile of all couples – and could end up very wealth indeed. Your Rat will always wish you were more physically demonstrative, emotionally open, though.

OX You’ll select each other right away and soon be sharing the same love masterplan. It won’t take much effort on either side to make this work, and your secrets are safe with the Ox.

TIGER You’ll both demand plenty of freedom, regular proof of loyalty. You  are too discreet, they like to let it all hang out.

RABBIT It’s likely you’ll dominate this lover and steer them round to your way of thinking. It could work if you’re  both very young. And this sign won’t demand round-the-clock attention.

DRAGON Friction, but fun and bedtime frolics, too. Secretly, this powerful personality longs for you to take charge.

SNAKE Not as clingy as it looks. You admire each other’s independence and  work to keep it alive. But beware sharing workloads – it could lead to jealousy.


No one will ever chain you down.

Yet you’re willing to be tamed and share a part of your life. Falling in love comes easily, but you start what you cannot always finish!

And once an affair loses its novelty value, you get bored. You need a lover with steady nerves.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

GOAT It’s good that the Goat is kind enough to overlook your selfish streak. In return, you can spark them out of self-pity and timidity. This person is a very caring lover.

MONKEY What you see as sharp-witted dealing on your own part, you’ll view as lack of scruples in your partner. In some ways, you’re too alike! Be straight with one another and love will last longer.

ROOSTER If you’re looking for an efficient sidekick who’ll make sure you  really achieve, rather than dabble, this is the sign for you. This sexy good-looker will be forgiven for finding your faults.

DOG The Dog sees love in simple, loyal terms, you can provide the intuition and magical flights of fancy.

PIG They have a weakness for caring for the world, you have a weakness for looking after yourself. A highly charged pleasure trip, nonetheless.

RAT Leave the Rat lover at home – they’ll be perfectly happy to manage the family side of life. Leaving you to kick up your heels elsewhere. Provided you don’t translate this happy lease as a licence to philander, your lovelife will thrive. 

OX Could prove risky when the Ox wants to reorganise your entire life. You do need a lover who’s more practical than you, though. Their sexual stamina has slowburn appeal.

TIGER Two vibrant, vivacious, vital people who share the same goals. Beware of tweaking the Tiger’s jealousy.  Otherwise, a staggeringly successful match.

RABBIT Two hearts race as one, but only if you can reassure the tender Rabbit that you’ll always return.

DRAGON They’ll always greet your latest project with enthusiasm, welcome you with open arms. They’ll want success, too, though, won’t be mucked about  emotionally.

SNAKE They’ll find you rash and a bit self-centred, you won’t understand their shyness – and inner toughness. But share ideas. Strong sexual attraction.

HORSE What a team. You can fall out of sync because you’re both so impetuous and wilful, but you’ll soon pull your hearts  and bodies together again.


Love is all-important, though you’re afraid of becoming hurt by those who take your kindness and deep devotion for granted.

You’re an artist who can create a romantic masterpiece – but only with a rock-solid dependable partner.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs…

MONKEY Part of this lover’s attraction  for you is their complicated personality. You’ll never notice how manipulative their charm can be! OK if you want to be a love slave.

ROOSTER While your kind heart softens their critical nature, their super optimism pushes you into love and life action. But your soft, sentimental loving clashes with their hot-sex style.

DOG You’re feely-touchy – so you’ll lap up this sign’s physical shows of loving. But you’re tetchy-touchy, too, won’t like their bluntly critical tongue.

PIG Home’s where both your hearts lie and this is the practical warm, open partner you need. You’ll smooth  any Piggy coarseness.

RAT If you’re an extra-indolent Goat, no Rat will put up with you for long. You’ll think this lover’s too money-conscious and conniving. Needs much give-and-take.

OX You’re an artist who likes to wait for  the right moment before you act, the right mood for loving. But the Ox’s sexdrive won’t wait!

TIGER You can’t stop worrying when your free-’n-easy lover stays out late or forgets to ring. They won’t mean to seem callous, but haven’t got your sensitive, pessimistic nature. But it could be love in the fast lane…

RABBIT This lover is shrewd where you’re too soft, and they understand how sensitive you can be. A great pairing – blissfully serene.

DRAGON Don’t give too much, too soon, or you’ll be swamped by a super-sexed  competitive taker. Handled right, this match could sparkle.

SNAKE Love served up just as you like it – by a pleasure-seeking passion player. But will this lover ever reveal the depths  of their heart? 

HORSE This sign has all the flamboyance and self-confidence you  lack. You can show them how to savour  the moment, instead of always being one step ahead. They’ll catapult you into positive, optimistic moods


Clever, resourceful, fascinatingly sexy, you’ve a bag of seductive tricks to ensure you ensnare whoever you  fancy.

You can even be faithful and deeply committed – when you find someone who’s a mental match for you! 

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs.

ROOSTER You’re ultra-sure of yourself,  but this partner’s fault-finding could get on your nerves. You’ll both need to  make heaps of compromises. Your sexlife keeps you together.

DOG It’s your lucky day. Someone so trusting, it’s not worth trying to put one  over on them. This lover is strong, completely unpretentious, and adores you.

PIG Plenty of warmth here, but they’ll be keeping a beady eye on you to check for unscrupulous behaviour!

RAT Two busy little bees who form a natural partnership. You’ll be on a  constant love adventure, discovering new delights daily.

OX Not an obvious rapport – your Ox won’t mince words or be hoodwinked by you. You could find them dull. But excitingly, energetically sexy.

TIGER Ambitions and strong egos clash – neither wants to be runner-up for these love prizes. One of you will have to take the romantic lead.

RABBIT Shelve your taste for argument and tussle – this lover hates all conflict. Could settle down into mutual trust because you’re both highly adaptable types.

DRAGON A pair of tough, go-getting folk who’ll work even better together. May even be love at first sight. Where you find  one, the other will be right there, behind them.

SNAKE Take time to stifle the jealousy that comes so easily to both of you. Only mutual sincerity will open the door to physical bliss.

HORSE If you can treasure each other’s independence and really co-operate, this love could take flight.

GOAT Take this lover more seriously, or they could sulk forever. Lovemaking  develops into a fine art with this steamy couple.

MONKEY Nothing will stand in the way of complete happiness once you decide to make two “I’s” into a wonderful “We”.


Head-turning looks, brilliant sense of style, tons of sex appeal – you are the person everyone wants to be when you make a party entrance.

You veer from feast to famine in your lovelife though and may be too picky and critical at the start of an affair.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

DOG This sign’s sweet enough not to  mind your tidying them up and making them over. This is a lover you can trust.

PIG Their warmth is just the ticket for coaxing your heart out of hiding – especially if you were badly hurt once. You can protect their heart from those who’d take advantage, too.

RAT They won’t follow your orders or listen to any lectures! Which is why  you’re so hooked on them.

OX You find this sign’s reserve a sexy challenge, they warm to your outgoing, optimistic nature. A brilliant love match which grows more secure by the week.

TIGER Fights, kisses and zesty, sexy weekends as this pair enjoy one of the most colourful love lives. 

RABBIT This shy, sensitive artistic type won’t take kindly to harsh criticism. So go easy on them – being extra thoughtful  will fuel your love.

DRAGON Bold, bright, clear-headed people with eyes only for each other. You can build a dynasty from this match. Your faults roll off each others’ backs.

SNAKE You’ll keep one another in check, building a pleasure palace where  you make each other feel like royalty. The Snake doublechecks your schemes and you fire them up, get them moving.

HORSE Never try to tie your partner down or flummox them with facts and  figures. Their mind – and heart – don’t work that way. Let them jolt you out of that safe, so-dependable routine.

GOAT You’ll only stay proud of your tender-vine partner if they don’t strangle you with dependency.

MONKEY You two could waste so much  energy arguing – and neither can win. You’re better-matched when it comes to bedtime wrestling games, though.

ROOSTER Excellent choice. Once you’ve signed that peace treaty and decided to  give both sets of views equal weight…


Doting, defensive and partnership directed, you were born to share your heart.

Not that you’ll always have an easy ride because you’re forever re negotiating your status within any love relationship.

And you can’t bear to be ignored or have your heart trampled. Don’t be rushed into sharing your life too soon by surface sexual attraction.

Now let’s see how your heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

PIG An initial tug of wills can settle into more comfortable feelings. You’re both after the same love goals, so why bicker? 

RAT Breathing space is a must – though sharing interests and uncluttered natural sex drives will help, too.

OX Two brave hearts with strong physical appetites and a need to prove love loyalty. 

TIGER Warm and idealistic, the Tiger’s bound to share your help-the-world instincts – you’ll meet at a charity work-in and keep an ever-open house.

RABBIT A union that brings out the best in each partner. You’re tolerant and trustworthy, they’ll pamper and adore you. Delightful, deluxe loving.

DRAGON You both want to lead – from  different directions. You’ll get into such a  tangle unless one of you bows out. A torrid affair.

SNAKE Your partner craves luxury, you want only the basics. They’ve an air of  mystery, you blurt out first, ponder later. Still, it could work. The Snake really is  very fascinating…

HORSE You’re off on a crazy adventure, but one of you has to remember where the keys are or you’ll head over a precipice of problems. But you’ve got the balance of freedom and needing just about perfect.

GOAT You’ve such totally different personalities and needs, only a miracle could make this a marriage. Delve into your sentimental side.

MONKEY Your lover idolizes your intelligence. You secretly wish you had their money-making skills. This is a blend of super-subtle and black-and-white. 

ROOSTER Both of you pitch in double quick when the other offends you. Which could be once too often! You won’t like your lover trying to reform you.

DOG It’ll be a secure, morale-boosting love and you’ll each value one another’s best points. Lovemaking has enthusiasm,  if not subtlety.


Nature-lover, family person, open hearted hero who gives affection freely. That’s you.

You’re also secretly one of the most sensual of signs and a lot shyer and harder to get to know than people realise.

You’ll tolerate a lover’s failings if they give you their whole heart.

Now let’s see how you heart teams with other Chinese horoscope signs… 

RAT You’re both very active indeed – though your shape doesn’t always reflect this. You’re sociable, tolerant and like your lover’s cheeky charm. Make use of their observant, canny intellect.

OX If your Ox is a puritan type, they’ll disapprove more than adore. You work so you’ll enjoy your leisure. They work for pleasure.

TIGER Pleasing each other is your greatest desire. And you can handle the Tiger’s fieriest moods.

RABBIT You could warm the shy Rabbit  and then bask in their luxurious affections. But don’t push this love too fast, too soon.

DRAGON Both are physical dynamos  who could tire other signs. It will work best if you are willing to ditch that idle streak and join your lover’s burning quest for success.

SNAKE Too complex for you, maybe. But who can resist a Chinese puzzle, especially when it’s so seductive? 

HORSE Pleasure-seeking party animals, you can both make the kind of compromises that keep you hugging forever.

GOAT Your partner treats you to a wonderful sexy feast. In return, you’ll protect and cherish. You’ll never find the Goat over-possessive.

MONKEY This mix of pungent and exotic alongside down-to-earth and plain speaking could work – but you’ll never totally figure your partner out.

ROOSTER Admiration is the key to this union. If you really rate one another highly enough, you can make a go of it. Your love won’t be blind, but very clear eyed.

DOG It kicks off with an earthy, sensual  free-for-all, but should turn into a loyal  long-runner.

PIG One of you needs to be steely and directed, or you may never tumble out of that unmade bed. Your sincerity is well-matched here. 

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