Does Joaquin Castro have children?

JOAQUIN Castro has served as the US Representative for Texas' 20th congressional district since 2013.

Castro was appointed as one of the managers at Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

Does Joaquin Castro have children?

Castro is married to Anna Flores, who was born in Reynosa, Mexico, but raised in Mission, Texas.

Flores and Castro married in a family-only civil ceremony in 2013 after dating for three years.

The couple have two children together; their daughter Andrea and their son Roman.

They welcomed Andrea in 2013 before their "big" religious summer wedding the following year.

"Presidents [Barack] Obama [Bill] and Clinton sent her a little letter when she was born so I'm going to keep them and frame them for her," Castro told Kens5 in 2014.

The pair welcomed Roman Victor Castro, who weighed 7½ pounds and measured 20¼ inches, in February 2016.

The family live in San Antonio, Texas.

What did Castro say on the second day of Trump's impeachment trial?

During the second day of Trump's impeachment trial, Castro said Trump didn't deploy the National Guard or any other law enforcement to help overwhelmed Capitol police on January 6, despite multiple pleas for him to do so.

He also called the Capitol insurrection "foreseeable" and "preventable".

"I'm a Texas Democrat. We've lost a few elections over the years. But can you imagine telling your supporters that the only way you could possibly lose is if an American election was rigged and stolen from you?" Castro said on February 1o.

"President Trump did something unprecedented in American history—he refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power.

"The attack on the Capitol did not come from one speech. It was not by accident. A mob was provoked by President Trump over many months," he added.

“President Trump told his supporters over and over again, nearly every day, in dozens of tweets, speeches and rallies, that their most precious right in our democracy — their voice, their vote — was being stripped away and they had to fight to stop that.

“And they believed him. So they fought."

What is Castro's net worth?

Castro has an estimated net worth of $700,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

However, according to his federal personal financial disclosures from January 2017, Castro and his wife had a combined worth of no more than $500,000.

His current assets include more than $100,000 in cash accounts and stock from mutual funds.

He also owns property in San Antonio and has a $40,000-per-year university pension that is worth about $110,000.

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