‘Cringe’ lad is caught hitting on dozens of women on Instagram just for their BT Sport login

IT'S not uncommon for mates or family members to share logins for steaming services such at Netflix or Spotify – but one bloke appears to have gone to extreme lengths to get his footie fix.

In a bid to get access to BT Sport, where he could watch live Premier League matches for free, the lad has been attempting to woo single girls online – before asking for their login.

But it was only a matter of time before he was caught out and Ellis McBride, from north east England, took to Twitter to expose his "cringey" pick up attempt.

Ellis shared screenshots of the Instagram private messages between her and the bloke who first complimented her by calling her "gorgeous" before sussing out whether she could help him with the paid TV service.

But it seems she wasn't alone, as hundreds of women replied to the Tweet claiming he'd done the exact same thing to them.

The bloke's Instagram account has reportedly been blocked and he supposedly used a photo of someone else as his profile pic – with one bloke admitting in the Twitter thread that it was HIS photo that was used.

Despite this, his pick up lines proved to be consistent with many women claiming he starts with: "You are absolutely gorgeous babe".

Then, in the next message he'd supposedly say: "Ngl (not gonna lie) I don't think I'd be able to keep my hand to myself" before then asking for the login.

"I know this is random babe, but do you have a BT sport account that you wouldn't mind me using? I wanna watch the footy, absolute lifesaver if you do," he allegedly says. 

Many women shared he'd used the same chat up lines on them, unable to believe they weren't "special" – but some reckon he's lines are creepy.

"Aw I don't feel special anymore," one woman wrote sharing a screenshot of her own chat with him.

Amused, another wrote: "NOOO no way, he did try the exact same thing on me."

Shocked, a third said: "NO PLEASE me too ??!! i can’t , and he’s sent me those ‘i wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself’ messages too i’m speechless"

And a fourth said: "Swear he’s used this on me as well. I couldn’t stop laughing."

Even women who hadn't been contacted by the lad chimed in, slamming the bloke for his "cringey" ways.

"The BT Sport line is probably less cringey/creepy than the hands line though,' admitted one.

While another quipped: "'What the actual f***is wrong with men?????"

"Men just don’t know how to give you a compliment and go," a third said. .  

"That’s one of the worst things I'VE actually ever seen," said another.    

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "'I’m cringing how can men just exist."

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