I’m plus size & was stunned when I was sent the TINIEST dress – I didn’t think it would fit but the result surprised me | The Sun

A WOMAN was convinced that the tiny dress she ordered would never fit, but was blown away when she was actually able to wear it.

In a short clip on TikTok the influencer showed off the dinky garment holding it up to her body.

The netted black dress appeared to be a child's size and nowhere near big enough for her curves.

She said: "Y'all, how am I going to put this dress on? How?"

People couldn't believe that anyone was supposed to squeeze themselves into a dress so small.

One person said: "The real question is: How is that a dress?"

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And another said: "Not just you how can someone wear it?"

Fellow TikTokers were desperate for an update on how the dress actually fit when she tried it on so the woman responded by posting a follow-up video.

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In the clip she showed herself wearing the revealing dress and surprisingly she had no problem getting it on.

The garment stretched over her curves to sit perfectly on her form.

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The netting meant that the dress was see-through so the influencers covered her modesty with a series of emojis.

She captioned the clip with: "I know you lying."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to praise the daring outfit.

One person said: "It’s cute fren."

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And another added: "Hey Queen."

And a third said: "You look amazing my love."

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