Hooters girl shows how she looked before saucy job – when she was ‘overlooked’

A Hooters girl has revealed what she looked like before she got her job as a scantily clad waitress – and people think she looks like a completely ‘different person’.

Alid Spice, 20, often posts sexy clips of her working in the orange booty short uniform for her adoring 919,000 TikTok followers.

However, the blonde bombshell has not always had the same looks that her fans and customers fawn over.

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In a recent clip that has racked up 1.7 million views, Alid admitted that she used to be ‘overlooked’ when she was younger.

But certainly does not have the same problem now.

The Hooters babe shared a throwback clip from her youth where she wore glasses and pulled some funny faces.

“Same ho*s overlooked me now they on my…[nuts]”, Alid claimed before she shared what she looks like now.

The blonde beauty sat back in a car as she pouted and posed for the camera – and she looks totally different.

Alid now has a smaller figure and a more sculpted face which is accentuated by a natural makeup look and the teeny babe often flaunts her petite figure in the naughty booty shorts while serving her randy customers.

Stunned by her transformation, many people fled to the comments to compliment Alid on her ‘glow up’.

One person commented: “Nah that’s a different person.”

Another user added: “THE GLOW UP IS UNREAL.”

While a third gasped: “This made my jaw drop omg.”

Someone else confessed: “I didn’t recognise u.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person begged: “Tell me your secrets tho.”


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