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FANS have blasted Meghan Markle for making a major “mistake” on her Spotify podcast.

The Duchess of Sussex's latest Archetypes episode was released today – and listeners have accused her of not understanding its title.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a Archetype is defined as a typical example of something, or the original model of something from which others are copied.

It can often refer to a classic character from old stories and myths that have been passed down over the years.

Examples of these can be a hero, villain or lover.

Meanwhile, a stereotype is a negative label, with the Cambridge Dictionary stating it is a "a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong:"

However sharp-eared listeners believe the Duchess has mixed up its meaning – and has instead been discussing stereotypes.

And fans today took to Twitter to slam Prince Harry’s wife over the blunder.

One fumed: “Not listening to any Spotify podcasts until you stop giving Meghan Markle a platform to have a go at whoever she feels crossed her in her life . 

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“Also she’s talking about stereotypes not archetypes . She’s yet to give an example of an archetype.”

Another added: “Seems like Meghan Markle’s podcast is about stereotypes, not archetypes. She no doubt wanted that name because of Archie but if it’s wrong it’s wrong.”

And a third pointed out: “You do know that #MeghanMarkle is discussing stereotypes not archetypes don’t you? 

“Poor Thomas Markle spent a fortune on a private education for his daughter for this…”

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However others have praised the duchess for speaking out about "labels that try to hold women back".

On today's episode trans actress and singer Michaela Jaé Rodriguez on experiences during her teenage years.

One person wrote: "With all the transphobia and hostility towards the LGBTQ Community going on right now, I'm glad Meghan Markle is elevating trans voices on her podcast."

Another added: "Meghan the duchess of Sussex, she is a role model to so many girls across the world, this generation needed her so much thanks to God she is very much available."

It comes after the exact date Meghan and Harry's £88million Netflix documentary will be released was revealed yesterday.

The public will be able to grab some popcorn and watch the highly anticipated docuseries in just a matter of weeks.

The show, which gives an insight into the Sussexes' "love story", will hit screens in December 8, according to Page Six.

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It also reported sources said the show was set to be called “Chapters", but the couple are believed to have changed their mind.

The new title has not yet been made public.

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