I always ask my dates their star sign, I don’t really care but their answer tells me all I need to know about them

A WOMAN has shared why she always asks her dates what star sign they are, but the real reason whyshe does has nothing to do with birth charts.

The woman, named Jaz Melody, shared the video on TikTok where it has been viewed almost two million times.

Jaz, who lives in sunny LA, said she always asks men what their astrology sign is, not because she cares if they are a Libra or Gemini, but because the way they react will tell her all she needs to know about who THEY are.

Jaz explains in the video: "When I'm asking for your astrology sign on a first date, I am testing our compatibility.

"But not in the way that you think.

"To be completely honest, I don't give a s**t what your sign is, but what I do care about, is what you say next.

"Are you going to try and invalidate me?

"Oh are you going to try and make me feel stupid?

"Oh are you going to try and mansplain to me?

"That is how I know we are not compatible.

"So while you might think that I ghosted you because you are a Libra, no baby.

"I ghosted you because you're an f***ing as***le."

Although many women praised the idea and shared similar ways they do this on dates,there were plenty of men trolling the comments about believing in star signs.

One wrote: "What's your sign? My answer; whichever one you are most compatible with."

To which Jaz said this was arguably the worst way you could respond to that question.

Another user commented: "How would you treat me if I said the earth was flat? See, that is how much sense you make."

But lots of women loved the idea and some even had their own ways of doing it.

One woman replied: "Exactly… I usually do this or ask them if they have kissed a guy before, how they react tells so much."

Another user wrote: "People are missing the point, it is about knowing how to healthily engage in a topic that might not be your thing…"

"Mine is 'what is your favourite Taylor Swift song?' I don't care if you have one but a lot of men will tell on themselves for being sexist." said another user.

One comment read: "Yes! I don't know why people have to s**t on things that others enjoy or take an interest in."

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