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RETURNS pallets are taking the Internet by storm recently – with many YouTubers showing off their huge bargain hauls. 

One YouTube star, known as Roxxsaurus, has a whopping 4.55M subscribers, and recently took to the platform to show off her John Lewis returns pallet haul.

Returns pallets are pallets of returned goods that are sold on at hugely discounted prices by the pallet load.

From the auction description, you have no idea what’s inside those brown boxes and that’s what makes it fun and exciting.

The social media star Roxi titled her returns pallet video ‘I Bought a Pallet of RETURNS from JOHN LEWIS at AUCTION…’

Roxi confirmed that she had no idea what would be inside but was hopeful it would pay off.

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The YouTuber explained: “I’ve seen so many different YouTubers doing these videos where they buy a returns pallet from places like John Lewis, Amazon, Very, Argos, so today I thought I would have my own hand at doing one of these videos and I am so excited.

“In case you aren’t familiar with this concept, you are able to buy a whole pallet of stuff that has been returned by customers. 

“The reasons vary why the products have been returned – they could be damaged, completely not working or they didn’t want it, changed their mind or it was  the wrong colour.

“So when you buy these returns pallets, you don’t really know what you’re going to get, what’s going to work and what’s not, so it’s definitely a massive risk.

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“I ordered a palette at auction from John Lewis with varying different products that are mostly kitchen and home appliances. 

“I got mine from William George.”

When Roxi’s returns pallet arrived, it came in two large boxes, full of kitchen and home appliances.

Roxi was absolutely stunned when opening the boxes, to discover a Dyson Airwrap, a Dyson straightener, a Smeg kettle, four coffee machines, a breadmaker and more.

There was also a pressure cooker, a smart cooker, a blender and a hair removal machine.

The YouTuber was amazed at the items in her pallet and preceded by individually opening up each product.

Roxi was thrilled with the £399.99 Dyson hair straightener and said: “This looks like it’s in pretty mint condition. This is pretty much brand new and doesn’t look like it’s been used.” 

She was even more excited when opening the £449 Dyson Airwrap, as she exclaimed: “This looks brand new, it’s basically undamaged. These are so expensive. If this works I am going to be so excited.  

“The box doesn’t seem to have any wear or tear. It’s got the complete set. All working, it’s literally working fine, there's nothing wrong with this. I’m guessing it was an unwanted gift.”

Next Roxi opened a Panasonic breadmaker that retails at £200.

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She continued: “I’ve never actually thought to get a breadmaker.It looks fine, there’s no signs of breakage and it looks like it’s been cleaned thoroughly.” 

There was also an Instant Pot smart cooker that would normally cost £199.

Roxi said: “I actually already own one of these. It looks like it’s been used maybe once, it’s got some water marks. But there’s not really any signs of wear.” 

The YouTube sensation was left stunned at the £169 Ninja pressure cooker, as she said: “Look at this, this is so cool. It hasn’t been used, I can’t believe it. This is new. I feel I could sell this on if I don’t want it myself.” 

Not only this but there was a Ninja blender that would normally cost £129.

Roxi explained: “It doesn’t look like it’s scratched or anything. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. It doesn’t look used and it’s even got the dishwasher sticker.” 

There was even a Phillips hair removal tool, which left Roxi thrilled.

She continued: “This is awesome. This is worth £459 originally from John Lewis. I’m shocked.” 

Something that Roxi had her eye on before even getting the box, Roxi was ecstatic when she saw the £150 Smeg kettle.

She beamed: “This is the colour I was hoping for. Wow! Look at this. There’s a little scratch and a little bit of dirt around the lettering. I’m guessing it’s been used. The inside has a little bit of limescale but it’s nothing that you can’t just clean out.”

Not only this but there were also four coffee machines in the pallet, a £398 Sage coffee machine, a £319 DeLonghi coffee machine, a £329 Smeg coffee machine and even a £249 Lavazza coffee machine.

If four coffee machines wasn’t enough, the returns pallet also had two hoovers – a £129 Vax hoover and a £679 Miele hoover.

Roxi claimed: “If this works I’m going to be so lucky. “

Roxi was over the moon with the items in her returns pallet and although she didn’t reveal how much she purchased the pallet for, the total value of the items inside was a whopping £4,257.99. 

Roxi added: “I'm so shocked that most things were working fine!” 

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 250,869 views. 

It has 8.4k comments and 389 comments. 

One person said: “Wow,  so many amazing items in the boxes!!! Yay! I'd love an instant pot haha my mom has one! Also, that's a really cute Smeg kettle.” 

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Another added: “Honestly this was so exciting! And looks like such a good bargain.”

A third commented: “That was fun. It was like you were opening Christmas presents. I'm glad everything turned out well. Some people haven't been as lucky.”

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