I flew to Turkey & spent £4k on new teeth – now I'm left with painful fangs I can't eat with & soon I'll need dentures

A WOMAN has been left devastated after flying 2,000 miles to Turkey for new teeth – but now risks losing them all.

Lisa Martin, 48, from Co Kerry, Ireland, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her traumatic ordeal.

The healthcare assistant first flew over to get dental mono crowns, a type of cap that restores the tooth, for £1,248.

All seemed well but within a few short weeks, she noticed a small crack in one of the crowns – which would be the start of her expensive nightmare.

Last year, she returned to Turkey for a second procedure on her teeth, filing both sets down and replacing them with another set of crowns – setting her back £2,913.

But unfortunately, the procedure did not go well.


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Soon after she landed back home, Lisa began to develop an abscess which soon infected the entire side of her face, leaving her in excruciating pain.

She rushed to her local dentist, who told Lisa she would need a review every six months and multiple root canals – which would cost her thousands.

As root canal is so expensive, Lisa fears she will lose all her teeth as she cannot keep up with the cost of dental work.

Since the procedure, Lisa has been unable to eat properly as food aggravates the nerves of her mouth.

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It has also led to Lisa losing a lot of weight.

She said: “I made a stupid decision based on cost and this will now affect me for the rest of my life.

“Because all these teeth are joined, it turns into a huge job for the dentist to separate the crowns without breaking them to extract a tooth.

“The fear of the unknown is wrecking my head, because I know I won’t be able to afford to keep getting root canals.

“I will lose my teeth and end up with dentures – it’s just a matter of when I’ll lose them."

Lisa has now taken to TikTok to warn others of the dangers of getting your teeth done abroad and sharing the daily pain she has to live with.

One of several videos has racked up 338,000 views and over 6,000 likes so far.

In the clip, Lisa begins by commenting on how sensitive her mouth is, before pushing on two of her teeth.

She says that she can feel her “fangs” underneath them and that she’s “exhausted” due to the pain.

Lisa claims to have been “slammed” by people online, who have said she’s lying about the pain to "bad mouth" the Turkish dental industry.

“You’re telling me I had 26 teeth filed down, these shoved into my mouth and that I’m lying about the pain – whatever," she says in the clip.

“As you have someone with beautiful teeth telling you that you'll feel nothing, this sounds too good to be true for anyone with a complex about their teeth."

Others have taken to the comment section to applaud Lisa for her transparency.

“Thanks for posting we need to hear about the unsuccessful procedures. I would be interested in what your own dentist says,” one viewer commented.

“Root canal for you I’d say," wrote another person.

“Worked in a dental surgery for a couple of years. Cases like this came in all the time. Feel so bad for you,” someone else added.

One person commented “Tooth pain is the worst pain there is!!! I hope you feel better soon.”

“Omg thank you for all your videos. I have considered going for a while but I’ve defo made my decision now. Your honesty has saved me,” another viewer added."

Someone else said: “You tell your story girl hope u get sorted.”

Lisa hopes the videos will deter others from going abroad to get their teeth fixed.

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She added: “When going abroad to have your teeth done, it’s not in the best interest of the dentists to tell you the problems you may encounter.

“As you have someone with beautiful teeth telling you that you'll feel nothing, this sounds too good to be true for anyone with a complex about their teeth.

“They’ll say it only costs whatever amount and you’ll have great teeth in one week, with no pain."

Dentist Dr Shaadi Manouchehri, who has been practicing for seven years, has shared her expertise on having crowns and the dangers involved with Jam Press.  

She said: “Shaving healthy teeth down to pegs, can result in irreversible nerve damage which can cause pain and infection.

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“The treatment required in most cases will be a root canal or if the teeth can’t be saved, extraction is the only option.

“Crowns need to be replaced every 15 years and there are minimally invasive alternatives to this treatment.”

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