I need a hip replacement, but I'd rather be in a wheelchair and suffer in agony, says Liam Gallagher

LIAM Gallagher says he needs a double hip replacement – three years after being diagnosed with arthritis.

The former Oasis rocker said he was in agony every day and had been forced to quit running because of the condition, which now sees him using sleeping tablets to nod off through the pain.

Despite the severity of his condition however, the former Oasis rocker has defied doctors and said he won’t have the operation and would rather use a wheelchair.

Liam, 49, said: “My hips are f***ed, I’ve got arthritis, bad.

“I went to get it checked out and my bones are mashed up. The lady was going, ‘Oh, you might need a hip operation, a replacement.’

“I think I’d rather just be in pain. Which is ridiculous, obviously. I know that. Just get them fixed. But it’s the stigma, saying you’ve had your hips replaced. What’s next?”

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Liam said he was put off the procedure after being told he could die during the operation – where your hip bone is replaced by an artificial implant.

Making light of the prognosis, he joked his fiancée, Debbie Gwyther, could act as a carer for him.

He added: “F*** off. I’m not going to crisp it having my hip cracked, thank you.

“I’d rather be in a wheelchair, with Debbie pushing me around, like Little Britain.”

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Liam, who has forged a successful solo career following Oasis’ split in 2009, was first diagnosed with arthritis in his hips in 2019.

It came two years after he was told he had a thyroid problem called Hashimoto’s disease which affected his singing voice.

The condition can also lead to major joint pain and studies show those living with it can be at a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

At the time Liam was warned by doctors to run less in a bid to help manage the condition.

However three years on, Liam said he has now been told to stop running altogether.

The Roll With It singer is a regular jogger and is often spotted running close to his home on Hampstead Heath in London.

Speaking to MoJo Magazine, Liam continued: “When the weather’s cold, my hips are like snap, crackle and pop. I need warmth.

“I can’t sleep at night for the pain. Tossing and turning. So I’m on herbal sleeping tablets and they’ve saved my life. One of them, seven hours out, no pain, nothing.

“My new thing is Deep Heat. Caked myself in it on the knees and hips, the calves, then into the steam room for as long as I can handle it.”

Despite struggling Liam, who has three children from two previous relationships, said he was putting a brave face on his pain.

He added: “I don’t mind a little pain. Keeps you on your toes. Pain is OK. I’m definitely on the downwards slide, though. Oh yes. My eyes are f***ed, my hips are f***ed, got the old thyroid. But we’re all going to die, aren’t we? Or are we already dead?

“I’m not afraid of death, whatever it is. Why should you be? It’s going to happen anyway. It’s being afraid of being born.

“I’m going to just keep doing what I do until I die. Or I’m reborn and turn into a wasp. Or a butterfly. Or turn into a packet of Scampi f***ing Fries.”

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As part of Oasis with his brother Noel, 54, Liam enjoyed eight No1 singles and eight No1 albums during their Nineties heyday.

His solo career has also spawned a string of hits – with three of his four solo albums hitting the top spot.

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