I found partially cooked eggs & knives all over my house after my teen daughter's sleepover took a turn… I feel violated | The Sun

A MUM has been left feeling "violated" after her daughter's girly sleepover turned into a full blown house party while she was away for the weekend.

The teenager had told her parents that she wanted to have a "small gathering" or a "few girls" over for a sleepover.

But then "boys turned up" and things started going wrong, and now the woman's house is "f**king destroyed".

"I have found burn marks where they've gone around with a lighter and a can of deodorant," she said in the video on TikTok.

"They put bubbles in the hot tub – my neighbour had bubbles drifting into their window on draining the pool.

"I have found phones, knives, partially cooked eggs – they have egged my house.

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"They set off a fire extinguisher in my home – a powder one – so you clear it up and then you clear it up again."

After going through the phone, she also came across a video of someone being sick in her bed.

"And on top of that they've stolen a load of s**t," she sighed.

"Now of course my daughter will take full responsibility but that is not what you need after a lovely, long, relaxing weekend away…to come home and be so violated.

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"I went to get pants and bras out of my drawer this morning to get dressed – those drawers are rummaged."

Concluding her video, she said: "Party like it's 1999 because parties of 2023 clearly have a very different tone."

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I never had a house party as a teen.

"Some people are so disrespectful."

"Could never imagine treating someone else’s house like that even as a teen," another replied.

As a third commented: "I'd find out who exactly was there and get compensation from parents".

The mum then replied: "I have messaged 2, one hasn’t replied the other said it was a bit of silliness."

"She needs new friends they clearly have no respect for her or you," another said of her daughter.

To which the mum wrote: "She’d never meet these people, friends of friends".

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"I may know a teenager who will not be left alone in the house until they are 50 in your home again," someone else said.

"You got that right," the mum retorted.

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