I had a store security guard tell me a Karen customer complained about my 'indecent' outfit – I'm just living my life | The Sun

A FASHION fan has revealed that a customer complained to a security guard about her outfit.

The "Karen" said she was dressed indecently, but she said she was living her life.

TikToker Nakia Nightshade (@nakianiteshade) posted a video about the incident and included a photo of herself wearing the outfit.

Nakia donned a bubblegum pink dress, with a criss-cross cutout amid the waist when accused of looking inappropriate.

She held pink shopping bags and wore sunglasses and pink kitten heels.

Nakia wrote that she was "just trying to live my life."

She said: "I was pulled aside by a security guard and told that someone complained about my outfit being incident for the store I was in."

"He said he only pulled me aside to make the person feel better but didn’t really care," Nakia added.

In the comments section, people sided with the fashion influencer and told her she looked beautiful.

"Stunning, babes," one person wrote.

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"You look fabulous," another said.

A third person shared fire emojis.

"Thank you," Nakia told her follwers.

In another video, Nakia said she’s been accused of having plastic surgery. 

People claim that she’s had fillers, botox, lip injections, skin bleaching, liposuction, breast implants, and buccal fat removal. 

Nakia denied the allegations.

"I definitely wish I had that level of money to get $100,000 worth of plastic surgery. But hey if you think I did, OK," she wrote.

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