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WITH temperatures dropping and heating costs rising, an oversized hooded blanket should be an essential item of loungewear this autumn and winter.

As the name suggests, the best hooded blankets sit somewhere between a giant wearable hoodie and a cosy throw.

They’re typically made from thick, soft fleece and come in an almost ridiculously large size – think down to your knees, and wide enough to fit three of you comfortably inside. 

Most usually have a front pocket for keeping hands warm (or holding snacks) and, unlike some actual blankets, they’re also machine-washable.

Today’s hooded blankets are a world away from embarrassingly old, greying loungewear you wouldn’t be seen dead in. 

Now it’s perfectly acceptable – dare we say, almost cool – to snap a selfie swathed in fabric covered in pictures of avocados, cartoon kittens or Yoda (we admit that we haven’t built up the courage to wear them out past the front door yet though…)

Australian brand Oodie is perhaps the well-known brand, going viral on social media for its huge number of bold designs, from chicken nuggets to chihuahuas.

The high street soon clocked on to their appeal, and now you can find almost every major clothing retailer selling them, including Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and JD Williams.

They may also help to save you money on your heating bill this winter too, as heating the body is always a cheaper option than heating the home; ideal if you work from home or spend long periods of time bingeing Netflix on the sofa.

To find out which are the really best hooded blankets to buy in 2023, we put 11 of the most popular to the test, judging them on size, softness, warmth and what they look like – here are the ones that most impressed…

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The best hooded blankets at a glance

  • Best overall: Oodie
  • Best hooded blanket for warmth: Kudd.ly Hoodie Blanket
  • Best budget hooded blanket: Tu Brown Borg Fleece Hooded Blanket
  • Best looking hooded blanket: The White Company Snuggle Blanket Hoodie
  • Best heated wearable blanket: Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho


  • Purple Tie-Dye Oodie, £89 £49 from Oodie – buy here

Pros: Extra large, big pocket, super soft, loads of designs to choose from, often has deals on

Cons: Not cheap when full price, quite bulky, can’t be tumble dried, not very stylish

Rating: 5/5

Arguably the original and most famous, the word ‘Oodie’ is now synonymous with hooded blankets – we even found ourselves telling people that we were “testing out Oodies” when talking about this feature.

It probably goes without saying that theirs is incredibly soft and cosy. The inner fleece is as soft as cotton wool while the outer feels silky, meaning that, despite its size, it didn’t actually feel as bulky to wear as some of the others. 

We found that it kept our bodies at the perfect toasty temperature, and we didn’t overheat.

The long elasticated cuffs at the wrists are also useful, keeping your sleeves rolled up and well out of the way if you want to, say, type or cook.

Your biggest problem will probably be deciding which design to go for, as there are tens, if not hundreds to choose from (we lost count at 80), including animals, food, star signs – even ones from franchises like Harry Potter and Friends.

On the downside, it obviously looks a bit silly, and – although we found that there are regular sales or ‘buy on, get one free’ deals on – it is expensive at full price.

Size: One size (6XL) Material: Flannel fleece outer, sherpa fleece inner No. of designs: 80+ 


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Kudd.ly Hoodie Blanket

  • Hoodie Blanket, £89 £49 from Kudd.ly – buy here

Pros: Very warm and snuggly, extra large size, front pocket, elasticated cuffs, can be tumble dried

Cons: Bulky, hood falls over eyes, can get very warm

Rating: 5/5

Extra large, extra warm and extra snuggly, Kudd.ly’s hoodie is like wearing a bear hug and is so big you’ll be able to curl your entire body up inside.

We picked the black sherpa design to test – one of the most ‘grown up’ of the 11 designs, we felt – and was immediately claimed by our tester’s boyfriend, who had previously scoffed at some of the sillier designs we tested.

It also got the ‘paws up’ from our feline tester, who couldn’t stop kneading into this super-soft fabric (on the downside this sherpa fabric does collect cat hair like a magnet…)

We found it to be the warmest out of all the ones we tested, even bordering on a little too warm at times.

It’s definitely one for wearing while cosying up on the sofa rather than when trying to get anything productive done, as its size and weight make it a little cumbersome, and the large hood often falls over the eyes – great for napping, not so great for WFH.

Size: One size (6XL) Material: Teddy fleece outer, sherpa fleece inner No. of designs: 11

M&S Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket

  • Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket, £25 from Marks & Spencer – buy here

Pros: Very soft, less bulky than some, available in two sizes, front pocket

Cons: Short, open sides, hood is quite tight

Rating: 3/5

More of a poncho than a hoodie, this has short sleeves and open sides that can be popped together at a couple of points for a slightly snugglier fit. It comes in five colours and two sizes for both men and women, with a version for children also available.

It's one of the lightest and softest ones we tested, feeling baby-soft against the skin, and it’s handy to be able to open it up if you get too hot, although it’s not as chill-proof as a regular hoodie. 

The shorter, boxy style means that it does flap around a bit, so one for when you plan on doing absolutely nothing except relaxing.

Size: Medium & Large Material: Fleece (recycled polyester) Colours: 5 Machine washable?: Yes

John Lewis Hi-Pile Oversized Lounge Hoodie

  • Hi-Pile Oversized Lounge Hoodie, £38 £30.40from John Lewis – buy here

Pros: Lightweight, just warm enough, not too bulky, nice colour, good price

Cons: There are warmer ones on the market, only available in four pastel colours

Rating: 5/5

If you’re after that fluffier, soft-as-clouds style of fleece rather than the denser type of, say, Oodie, this is the best one we tested.

This hoodie is, of course, oversized, but not so big around the hood or sleeves that you can’t see, eat or type – we could comfortably wear this at our WFH desk or walking around the house without it getting in the way.

It’s not the warmest one we tried (think late autumn chills rather than depths-of-winter, below-freezing temperatures) but we’d probably say this was the most practical, while this pale pink colour we chose (prettier in real life than our phone camera could capture) is about as ‘feminine’ as one of these items could get.

Size: One size Material: Fleece (100% polyester) No. of designs: 4

The White Company Snuggle Blanket Hoodie

  • Snuggle Blanket Hoodie, £80 from The White Company – buy here

Pros: Looks stylish, made from recycled fibres, front pocket, elasticated cuffs

Cons: Not the thickest, shows marks, only comes in one colour

Rating: 4/5

Cute ‘n’ cosy, this one looks so good you could probably wear it out of the house, and might even pass as an expensive throw when left on the sofa.

It’s got all the essentials – hood, big front pouch, long length – while this Sherpa fleece has a particularly fine knit, giving it a neat look.

It comes in just one colour, ivory, in keeping with The White Company’s typical neutral palette – very Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, we feel.

Size: One size Material: Fleece (recycled polyester) No. of designs: 1

Catalonia Classy Hooded Blanket

  • Catalonia Classy Hooded Blanket, £24.99 from Amazon – buy here

Pros: Soft fabric, can also be used as a blanket, has pockets

Cons: Not as cosy as a hoodie, a bit awkward to tie up

Rating: 3/5

OK, so it’s not really a hoodie blanket like the others but – if you don’t mind the strong Little Red Riding Hood/Game Of Thrones vibes – this cape is certainly useful for cuddling up on the sofa. It also has two inner pockets, ideal for holding phones or keeping hands warm.

It’s not quite as comfy as the pull-on designs, and the ribbon neck ties pull a little, but it’s handy that it can also be used like a regular blanket and doesn’t require pulling over the head. 

Size: One size Material: Polyester No. of designs: 5

Lakeland Electric Heated Poncho

  • Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho, £89.99 – buy here

Pros: 9 heat and time settings, overheating protection, can be worn several ways, machine washable

Cons: Doesn’t cover arms and lower half, has to remain plugged in to the mains

Rating: 5/5

OK, so it’s not a hoodie, but we couldn't not include this indulgent wearable. 

Part poncho and part blanket, it can be fastened together at the front, swung over your shoulder, or simply laid flat over your body, and it heats up gently to warm the top half of your body.

It plugs into the wall like a traditional heated throw, with a remote to control the power, heat intensity and amount of time it stays on for. And it also has an auto-shut-off function. 

This poncho’s shape means that your hands remain free for typing, drinking, reading etc (although does mean that they miss out on the heat), and we found this perfect for keeping the upper body warm when working from home on chilly days.

Size: One size Material: Fleece No. of designs: 1

JD Williams Pretty Secrets Fleece Lined Blanket Hoodie

  • Pretty Secrets Oversized Warm Fleece Lined Blanket, £36 at JD Williams – buy here

Pros: Thick fabric, cute design, drawstring hood, front pocket, inclusive size range

Cons: Very oversized, long sleeves

Rating: 4/5 

Looking for a hooded blanket with a pretty print? We think this one ticks all the boxes. 

We loved how thick the material was, keeping us warm while working from home, and the pom pom drawstring neckline was a nice addition.

This comes in two different sizes, to fit up to a UK size 34, but even the smaller of the two was ginormous – the largest we tested – and may swamp smaller frames.

Size: 8-18 and 20-34 Material: Borg fleece (polyester) No. of designs: 3

Tu Borg Fleece Hooded Blanket

  • Tu Brown Borg Fleece Hooded Blanket, £22 at Argos – buy here

Pros: Very long, good price, front pocket

Cons: Short and non-elasticated sleeves

Rating: 4/5

Long and luxurious, we love this one’s teddy fabric, which is very lightweight and soft as air but surprisingly very warm and toasty, and we like that this one comes in multiple sizes. 

The open sleeves do let in a little cold air, but it’s made up for with a longer-than-average shape. It’s also great value, and will certainly keep you warm this winter.

Size: S-XL Material: Borg fleece (75% recycled polyester, 25% polyester) No. of designs: 1

Snuggly Oversized Blanket Hoodie

  • Cat Mom & Dads Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £59 (Was £84) from Snuggly – buy here

Pros: Extra large, huge pocket, super soft, can be tumble dried, Snuggly often has deals on 

Cons: Not cheap when full price, quite bulky, not very stylish

Rating: 4/5

We found this one to be very similar in design to the Oodie: extremely large (down to our knees), soft and cosy, with a big hood, spacious pocket, smooth outer fabric and soft fleecy inner.

We did find this one to be ever so slightly looser around the bottom, letting the odd autumnal draft in – but on the plus side Snuggly says theirs can be tumble dried on a low heat, unlike Oodie’s.

There is a decent number of designs to pick from (the crazy cat lady in us couldn’t resist this cute feline print, but also had our eye on this leopard print one) plus seemingly regular sales, although it’s worth noting that the Snuggly website says that sale items cannot be returned.

Size: One size Material: Flannel fleece exterior, sherpa fleece interior No. of designs: 23

Onesnug Hoodie Blanket

  • Hoodie Blanket in Dark Grey, £89.99 £39.99 from Onesnug – buy here

Pros: Soft and silky feel, front pocket, elasticated cuffs, long length

Cons: Not cheap when full price, others are warmer, not loads of different designs

Rating: 4/5

Longer than most, cushiony soft and cosy without being too bulky, this one from UK-made brand Onesnug gets a big thumbs up from us. 

We especially loved the long, snug-fitting elasticated cuffs – perfect for keeping heat in and sleeves out of food – and the protective bag it comes in, for storing it neatly away in warmer months.

We did try hooded blankets that kept us slightly warmer, but thanks to Onesnug’s ‘MicroCool’ fabric, this won’t leave you feeling uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

Size: One size Material: Fleece exterior, sherpa fleece interior No. of designs: 15

Where to buy hooded blankets in the UK

Hooded blankets have become so popular that they’re now widely available across the high street, from upmarket lifestyle stores like The White Company to your local supermarket.

There are also now lots of online-only brands that specialise in these hoodies, like Oodie, Kudd.ly and Snuggly.

Plus, of course, you can also find them on Amazon – along with pretty much everything else you need to stay warm this winter.

How much are hooded blankets?

The hooded blankets we tested ranged from £22-£90, so there can be quite a difference in price.

It’s worth noting that a lot of the hoodie brands regularly have offers on, with most falling around the £50 mark at the time we tested them.

What is the best hooded blanket?

There are a few different styles – and prices – on the market, but the hoodies from specialist retailers like Oodie, Kudd.ly, Onesnug and Snuggly are all very similar, if we’re being honest.

For us, though, Oodie just takes the top spot for keeping the body at the perfect temperature and for its vast range of designs and viral fame.

Are hooded blankets worth it?

We can’t guarantee that these will save you money on your heating bill this winter, but you know what they say – “heat your body, not your home” – and these hooded blankets can certainly help with that.

They can seem an expensive buy for something you’re almost certainly not going to wear outside of the house, but if you spend a lot of time at home – whether working or relaxing – they could be a good investment, especially as they wash well in the washing machine.

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If you’re interested in buying one, we recommend keeping your eyes open for deals, as a lot of these are often in half price or ‘buy one, get one at a reduced price’ offers.

Of course, you can also always add one to your Christmas wishlist and let someone else treat you to a cosy winter.

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