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SOMETIMES picking out an outfit can be a difficult task, especially if you aren't sure what kinds of clothes compliment your body type the best.

Women that have pear-shaped body types luckily have plenty of options when it comes to their fashion choices.

Knowing how to dress up for your body type can make a huge difference in what you keep in your closet.

TikToker and fashion expert Sabrina uploaded a viral video giving some guidance for those who have pear-shaped body types.

The on-screen caption on her video says: “The power of knowing how to style your body type!”

Sabrina's first fashion suggestion is to wear tops with puffy sleeves.

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She shows off a few examples of models wearing tops that are tighter in the middle and puffier over the shoulders and arms.

Her second tip is to wear jeans with wide legs near the bottoms.

Wide-leg jeans are snug around the hips and waist but have material that spreads out near your ankles.

Her next fashion tip is to opt for the fit and flare style when choosing your dresses.

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She shows off a couple of examples of models wearing formfitting dresses that also have patterns and ruffles on them.

Her final tip for women with pear-shaped body types is to wear flowy skirts.

One of the skirts she showcases goes beyond the knees, while the other goes halfway down the thigh.

Fashion lovers in Sabrina's comment section have responded to her video with their opinions.

“I love how you help create an hourglass figure for pear bods,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “Thank you for your style tips. Total game-changer.”

"I'm between hourglass, pear-shaped, and chubby – and I am honestly so glad I found out how to style," one woman wrote.

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"I have a pear body type and I love wide-leg pants and small tops," a third person commented.

Someone else chimed in saying: "I'm realizing I might be pair-shaped because I think these are flattering on me."

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