I have big boobs – the top style which supports your girls unlike any other but you’ve probably been scared to try | The Sun

A UNIQUE style may be what you never knew you needed.

For one woman with a big bust, there's a specific tight-fitting top that she said supports her girls, but you've probably been scared to try it.

Women with big chests often assume some tops aren't big-boob friendly when they actually are.

Between spillage and a lack of support, there's more to worry about when shopping for options.

Kathryn Zingone posted a video claiming that you never have to worry about either of those things with one style of top.

You may have overlooked this type of shirt in the past, but Kathryn highly recommends it.


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"I really recommend trying lace-up backs," she says.

Kathryn is wearing a tan corset with spaghetti straps with long laces in the back.

She admits these seem "super scary and intimidating," but they're not.

The option Kathryn has on includes a square neckline.

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This neckline is high enough to prevent any spillage.

While you can't wear a bra with this style, the corsetry detailing and adjustable laces provide the same support a bra offers.

"Because they're lace-up, they're so adjustable. You can really tighten and support the girls based on your personal preference," she admits.

You can loosen the ties to make the top more breathable or tighten them firmly to prop your chest without worrying about the girls falling out.

These ties make the top more supportive.

The versatility of this style left viewers wanting to purchase one right away.

"OB. SESSED," one woman commented.

"This is why i love lace up bikini tops," another viewer added.

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