Austin McBroom And AnEsonGib Nearly Come To Blows At TMZ Office

Tensions were at an all-time high when Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib visited the TMZ office on Monday … with the two YouTube superstars getting in a heated confrontation ahead of their boxing match.

Austin and Gib came to our HQ for a sit-down interview leading up to the Social Gloves event at Banc of California Stadium on Sep. 10 … and while things started off cordial, the mood quickly changed as both sides unloaded smack talk.

McBroom started it off by saying Gib looks too small to last in the ring with him … which triggered the hilarious clapback, “you got t***ies!!!”

McBroom — who beat TikTok star Bryce Hall last year — says he thinks their fight will end before 3 rounds … and Gib promised to “shower Austin in suffering.”

“He’s going to be in pain from the moment the bell rings, because he’s never faced an opponent like me,” he added.

The guys traded verbal jabs like that for nearly half an hour … and when it was time to leave the studio, they came close to getting physical.

Here’s the breakdown … the chirping continued as they left the studio, with Gib throwing some playful jabs near Austin’s face, which he was NOT happy about.

When Gib extended his arms out, Austin pushed them away … and it was clear they were no longer being playful.

The fighters got right up in each other’s faces … before Austin’s team luckily came in and whisked him away.

McBroom and Gib will finally get to fight — and get paid for it — in 11 days.

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