I left my husband of 14 years for my soulmate… we’d met once and hadn’t slept together – things didn’t go as I planned

SHE'D been married for 14 years, and had two kids with her husband.

But when Amanda Trenfield met a stranger she thought could be her "soulmate", she called time on her marriage to pursue a potential relationship with him.

Amanda's extraordinary story is documented in her book When A Soulmate Says No, as she explained that she'd been hoping to reconnect with her husband after a stale patch during a three-day conference.

But once at the event, she found herself drawn to a different man – Jason – due to the 'strong and raw' electricity between them. 

"It travelled to my core," she wrote in the book, serialised by The Sydney Morning Herald.

"It was so intense I needed to break eye contact.

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"He. We. The energy. It was electric. My body was completely charged. I was completely 'on'."

She and Jason got to talk during a meal with a larger group of people, and it was during the dinner that Amanda felt things became even more heightened with the man.

"I felt I could truly be myself, at a level I wasn’t familiar with. I realised that it was a feeling I hadn’t enjoyed in a long, long time – perhaps ever," she continued.

Just one month later, having had no contact with Jason and nothing physical happening between them, Amanda made the decision to leave her husband.

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"I’d just met my soulmate. What could possibly be more important than that?" she mused.

As the title of her book reveals, Jason ultimately rejected her, and mother-of-two Amanda was left single.

And Amanda's tale sparked an outpouring of comments on Twitter, with people sharing their differing views on whether she was in the right to pursue things with Jason or not.

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"Never in my life have I encountered someone romanticising a one night stand that *didn't even happen*," one person wrote incredulously.

"She was convinced they had a connection but I see no evidence they did," another wrote.

"She just projected onto a random dude because she was unhappy. Which we've all been there but we don't uproot our lives for it."

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However, someone else argued: "This seems normal and fine, maybe I'm missing something?

"Like, I get that it's embarrassing to fall into limerence and get rejected, but is that worse than staying in an unhappy marriage?"

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