‘I look much younger than 50 thanks to my top three tips on looking youthful’

A woman in her 50s with incredibly youthful skin has explained her quick and simple anti-ageing remedies.

Kat James is a celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her “no-BS approach” tips and tricks have helped her become a trusted source when it comes to the best advice on how to look younger. 

On her TikTok account, Kat’s followers have been amazed at Kat’s fresh-faced look. In her comment section, one user said: “Wow, you are so beautiful!” while another person commented: “You are my inspiration, I thought you were in your early 30s when I first saw you.”

In a online video, Kat explained that there are three major tell-tale signs of age to watch out for, but there are very simple solutions that can knock years off your face.

She said: “Okay my over 40 beauty besties, these are three things you should be doing for your self-care routine to look vibrant and youthful.”

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Keep your teeth white

Teeth age along with the rest of the face and naturally become more yellow or discoloured. Enamel, which covers the surface of a tooth, thins as we get older which means teeth are more likely to be stained by drinks such as coffee, tea and red white.

Kat explained: “As we age, they become less white and less vibrant. I don’t care what toothpaste you’re brushing with, it just happens with age.”

However, Kat’s solution is Crest White Strips, as a way to keep your smile look youthful, and said it is “easy-breezy” to use.

She said: “I use the Crest White Strips. I do the sensitive ones because I don’t like [my teeth] to get stingy or tingly. These ones are awesome and really work.”

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Keep eyes looking vibrant

As we age, the white in our eyes can become yellow or discoloured leading to the face looking more dull or tired. However, there is a simple way to keep eyes sparkling according to Kat with her straightforward product recommendation.

She said: “The whites of our eyes also become less vibrant as we age. However, there are no eye drops on the planet quite like Lumify. These ones brighten your eyes to a whole new level.

Limify Redness Reliever Eye Drops are said to make eyes “look whiter, brighter and amazing” for up to eight hours after being applied.

After applying the drops, Kat said she instantly noticed a significant “difference.” She said: “My whole face just came to life by brightening my eyes.”

Keep eyebrows looking lush

Like our hair, eyebrow and eyelash hairs can thin out and become more sparse as we age. Eyebrows can look patchier and the tail ends begin to drop and pull down the eyes, and make you look much older.

Kat explained: “As we age they become brittle, and they don’t grow so you need a good lash serum.”

However, Kat’s quick fix is the Length Grow Seum by Sarah Maxwell Beauty which claims to “encourage longer, thicker darker lashes and brows.”

Kat said that after applying the serum, you can see results at around two weeks. She said: This is the only one I have used that my lashes and brows grow like crazy. You don’t get any discolouration.

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