I’m a teacher and I let my kids sleep in class and I don’t give them homework, my colleagues HATE it

A TEACHER has revealed that she lets her students sleep in class and doesn't give them homework, much to the disdain of her co-workers.

The 24-year-old teacher, Jess, shared the videos on her TikTok account, jess8827, where they have been viewed over 2 million times.

Jess who is believed to be a teacher in the US, revealed that she lets her students do things in her class, that other teachers allegedly hate.

Jess titled the video series: "Things I let my kids do in my class that other teachers hate."

She dubbed over the videos with the popular 'Start a riot' song and wrote; "I don't make them take their hoods down.

"I throw a test away if the majority of the class does poorly.

"I never send anything home for homework."

The video blew up with two million views and, although lots of people praised Jess for her teaching methods, some people thought Jess should be setting homework for her students.

"This is why the American school system fails. In Europe we have national tests that can't be thrown away, also homework is important." Wrote one user.

Jess responded: "We also have national tests my kids do very well on."

Another user claimed: "If you don't give them homework then obviously they will fail tests. Homework should be how they practice what you teach them."

One person claimed they also teach and said: "I teach as well – my concern with no homework is these kids have such bad work ethics."

In a separate video, Jess shares some more of her controversial teaching methods.

Jess wrote: "Let them sleep if they have had a rough morning.

"Students can move around the room any time.

"We have recess EVERY DAY."

Whilst Jess said a lot of her colleagues hate her way of teaching and many people were divided by Jess not setting homework, many people in the comments saw Jess's teaching style as supportive for the children.

One user wrote: "These are the teachers that make kids excited and want to learn."

"That makes a huge difference! Those kids want to be heard and it is clear you care!" Wrote another user.

A third user commented: "These are the good teachers who make learning actually fun."

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