I love fat guys and my husband is much bigger than me – trolls say he doesn’t deserve me but our love is the real deal

WHEN Sienna Keera first connected with her husband George on Instagram, it didn't take long for her to realise he was The One.

But there was just one small problem: Sienna lived out in Australia and her morbidly obese boyfriend was in the UK.

Deciding to follow her heart, Sienna moved halfway across the world in 2019 to be with her soulmate – who she first spotted on the BBC Three mockumentary comedy series People Just Do Nothing.

Flash forward three years and the couple are now engaged and share their toddler Oliver.

In the past couple of years, Sienna has been sharing snippets of the family's life on TikTok and racked up over 537,000 followers in the process.

But like with anything online, this has opened the pair up to their fair share of trolling – especially about George's weight.


Earlier this week, Sienna and George hit back at trolls who cruelly claimed he "didn't deserve her".

Filming a video together, Sienna opened the clip with: "George, what do you have to say to this comment?"

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He then replied: "What? 'Sorry but you don't deserve her'.

"Why's that? Because I'm fat and so I don't deserve to have an attractive wife who is into fat guys?"

Sienna then captioned the clip: "Big guys are 🔥."

Last year, Sienna – who weighs eight stone – told Fabulous that she's even been labelled a "gold-digger" by trolls.

She said: “We’ve had a lot of negative comments on TikTok, saying I’m after George’s money because he’s an actor.

“If I was a gold digger, I’d go after someone rich! George is just comfortable, we don’t have a high-rolling lifestyle, so those comments are just dumb. People also call George lazy and unhealthy.

“They say I couldn’t possibly be attracted to him because of his size. I don’t know why people see it that way, because obviously I am attracted to him.

"A lot of people stare at us in the street, which makes me feel uncomfortable because it’s rude, but I know we look different to other couples.

“On nights out, guys have tried to chat me up in front of George. They’d think they had a chance because of his size, but we just brush it off.

“I feel like there would be less judgement if I was big too. It’s more normal to see two big people together, or a slim man and a large woman.”

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