I pile on make-up to go to the pool… trolls say my face is so covered it’s basically a painting but I know I look good | The Sun

FOR most, heading for a swim means finding a bikini and goggles.

But for beauty fan Meredith Duxbury (@meredithduxbury) a pool party also involves layers of make-up, leaving fans completely baffled.

The rising social media star, better known for her love for heavy foundation, recently revealed that she'll even pile on loads of products when going for a swim.

Posing to the camera, the naturally stunning blonde, who has over 16million followers on TikTok, first started with a thick layer of face products.

Once she had applied heaps of foundation, Meredith spread it out evenly using her fingers and couldn't get over how ''satisfying'' the process was.

''You just can't beat it,'' she chuckled in the now-viral video.

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''And before everyone's like 'You're wearing all that foundation to a pool party?' – Yes, I am,'' Meredith hit back at the trolls.

To complete the look, the make-up fan then went on with a generous amount of brightening concealer, cream contour for that snatched look and a heavy dose of powder.

Then when she had finished the base, Meredith moved onto her brows with a dark pencil, pink eyeshadow, falsies and not to forget a nude lippy.

''Here's the final glam,'' she said whilst dolling in an orange bikini and stunning curls.

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But whilst some like Meredith were obsessed with the look, for quite a few the sheer amount of make-up was a tad bit too much.

Some even joked saying it's as if she was painting a canvas, with one writing: ''I’ve never seen so much product on such a small canvas.

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''This isn’t even hating. This is pure confusion.''

Another was just as baffled, wondering: 'How long do ur foundation bottles last.''

''Her makeup always looks so muddy,'' a third reckoned.

The beauty enthusiast has long been slammed for her glam looks and she recently posted a video hitting back at all the meanies.

''2023 is the year of doing what makes you happy.

''Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn't mean you can't do what you still wanna do.''

''Work on pleasing yourself – it's not always about other people.

''It's okay to be selfish sometimes. It doesn't make you a selfish person.

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''It's your life – do what you wanna do. Don't listen to the haters; there's too many people who love and support you.

''If you want to wear make-up to the gym, hunny, you do it.''

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