I quit my boring 9-5 job to set up an online trading company – I made £68k in a year & bought myself a £69k car & house

A YOUNG woman has revealed how she gave up her mundane 9-5 job in favour of "working for herself"- and just one year later was able to buy her dream car and a fancy home.

Makayla, who details her business venture on TikTok under the name makemoneywmak, said she started her own e-commerce business and made $90k (£67,500)in the first year.

"A year ago I made a promise to myself that I'd never work a 9-5 job again," she said in a video on TikTok.

"So I started my first online business and put everything I had into it. I ignored everyone who said 'get a real job.'"

She then flashed what appears to be her online bank balance with a whopping $90k inside – but she appears to have made way more since then.

She then unveiled a brand new 2021 Range Rover- which start from around $92k (£69k) – which she says she was able to buy.

Her newfound freedom also allows her to enjoy fancy dinners and nights out which she flashes glimpses of online.

The young entrepreneur stuck to her guns and made her dream come true and now she spends her time doing "what she wants to do" while working for herself.

In a series of clips on her page, Mikayla explains how she makes her money and claims it's easy enough for anyone to do.

She has an online retail business known as "dropshipping" which means the seller takes customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock.

Instead, the items are shipped straight from the supplier to the customer meaning there's less work involved for Mikayla.  

She finds on-trend products through suppliers then sells them on her website which she created through Shopify – a popular e-commerce platform.

Doing this enables her to sell the same items for double or triple the amount she paid for them without keeping any inventory.

Some of the items that made her "successful", she revealed,include a LED vanity mirror,wholesale cosmetic jars, custom made neon signs and ceramic vases – all of which she bought for a tiny amount before she sold them on.

In one clip the business owner revealed her favourite ways to find trends with Google Trends, Erank.com, Pinterest trends and #amazonfinds on TikTok making the list.

She isn't shy about how she got started either and regularly shares tips and advice on her account which has earned her 289k followers and counting.

In another video, she revealed a step-by-step guide on exactly how she gets the job done.

First, she notices a "trend" then finds a product on AliExpress or Zendrop.

Next, she says to create a simply Shopify account where you can sell the product for three times the amount – and you get to keep the profit.

But she says you have to "market the store" which means raising awareness about your particular website using TikTok and Instagram.

Then once you receive an order, the supplier will send it straight to them – and you see the profits roll in.

Before her business success, Mikayla claims she was "broke and living check to check".

But her e-commerce business has allowed her to "create a brand" and make enough cash to support her lifestyle.

Her business venture wasn't short on "hate" though but Mikayla said she's "thankful" that she "didn't listen to everyone's dumb opinion."

Now she's "financially free" in her twenties, all thanks to her booming business idea.

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