I stick tape all over my face to stop wrinkles – it works SO well, people say ‘you’ve had Botox’, I swear I haven’t | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she sticks tape all over her face to prevent wrinkles and surprisingly, it works super well.

So much so that people are convinced she has had Botox, but she swears she hasn’t. 

So if you want youthful-looking skin and are looking to stop lines appearing on your face, you’ll need to take notes.

Hair and beauty fan Lika, who is from Germany, explained that she swears by her £5 hack for wrinkle-free skin.

In one clip shared on social media, Lika responded to comments about her having Botox, after a user questioned: “So how much was the Botox?”

To this, Lika replied: “Answering all Botox comments.

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“No, I haven't done Botox.

“When I try hard I can wrinkle my forehead normally.

“Putting tape on your forehead reminds you not to over-express, not to wrinkle your forehead all the time.

“After some time, you learn to limit the movements of your eyebrows.

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“It doesn’t make wrinkles disappear, it is just a good way to prevent them. 

“Nothing against Botox, [I] just have not done it.” 

In another video, Lika shared the “face taping tutorial” she swears by, for bright, wrinkle-free skin.

She then explained: “First I am measuring the length.

“[I] highly recommend testing your tape beforehand to make sure you aren’t allergic.

“I cut [the] edges just because I like it this way, but it isn’t [a] must.”

Lika then applied the tape to her forehead, as she continued: “I am being careful not to stretch the tape while applying (it is really stretchy so be careful).

“Also I am not pulling or lifting my skin while applying. I believe long term [this] can cause skin sagging.”

Lika then continued applying the tape to the rest of her face, as she added: “Basically you can tape your whole face, even neckline or chest area.

“Just do your research beforehand.

“[I] wouldn’t recommend leaving [it on] for too long. I leave overnight, like seven to eight hours.

“When you remove it, be gentle, don’t pull too hard and don’t hold the skin so it doesn’t lift.

“Just to be safe you can put oil on it.

“[I] don’t recommend using it everyday. It can lead to breakouts and irritation. But once in a while it works really [well].”

Lika later wrote: “I am not an expert, just sharing information I found about face taping before I tried it myself.

“There are many alternatives, I just find this one more affordable and easier.”

Lika explained that she uses TK Tape, which you can buy from Amazon for just £5. 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @itzamelika, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 954,600 views.

Social media users were stunned at the anti-ageing hack and many were eager to share their thoughts in the comments.

One person said: “Omg I'm gonna try this! I have a horizontal wrinkle between my eyebrows that I hate!”

Another added: “I wanna try it.” 

A third commented: “Worth a shot.”

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Meanwhile, someone else asked: “Do you put it on after your skincare?” to which Lika confirmed “Yes but I wait before it “drys”.” 

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