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FOR nineties kids, Hooch was the drink of the decade.

The alcoholic lemonade took revellers by storm when it first hit the shelves in 1995.

And now it's been given a super charge with Soopa Hooch, the brand's first ever energised version of the classic which comes in three zesty flavours.

Caffeinated with taurine and guarana, Soopa Hooch is a party starter like no other – and it also poffers great value at £2.89 per 440ml can.

Meanwhile, they also have three different coloured classics, pink, blue and orange.

Our writer JORDAN TENNANTwas too young to enjoy the tasty tipple when it was first released.

But the fresh taste and caffeine boost of the current range is right up his street.

And he has taste tested the range to give his verdict on the new twist on an iconic classic.

Soopa Hooch Electric Lemonade, 8%

Cracking open a can of the new eight per cent Electric Lemonadefilled me with a zesty zing.

It was like the OG lemon Hooch but pushed to the next level with hints of orange and lime added in for good measure.

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And with a burst of electric caffeine it's guaranteed to get your night off to a good start.

Soopa Hooch Twisted Tropical, 8%

I was attracted to the bright orange can which contained a lip-smacking tropical tipple.

This flavour was a winner, and the second caffeine-laced beverage to hit my tastebuds.

I was transported to a sun-kissed beach with lots of pineapple flavours. Ideal to give you ataste of exotic holiday sunshine chilly Scottish winter night.

Blue Hooch Tropicade, 4%

This tasty drink is made with real pineapple and natural flavourings – and you can tell it was inspired by beach parties with plenty of sun, sand and dancing.

And it didn't disappoint – it was a burst of fruity flavours with an end note of citrusy lime zing.

Served ice cold and easy to grab from local stores, this one is the ultimate party starter.

Pink Hooch Raspberry lemonade, 4 %

I am a massive fan of raspberry lemonade, my gran used to make a version of this when I was a kid.

But this alcoholic version packed a real punch.

Made with real lemons, the blush coloured fizz is super tasty and refreshing.

The sweetness of the raspberries balance perfectly with Hooch's signature citrus kick.

Orange Hooch alcoholic orangeade, 4%

From one fizzy pop to another, the orange flavour was juice lovely.

It was sweet but with a slight tinge of sour which almost drew the cheeks in – and contains real juicy bits, adding to the freshness.

If you're a fan of orangeade this is the tangy and tasty drink for you.

Darkest Berry, 8%

This Soopa Hooch brightened up my day for sure and at eight per cent, with added taurine and guarana, it's enough to get you charged up.

It has really juicy dark berry flavours which offset the traditional lemon really well.

Purple is often associated with royalty and I crowned this one my overall winner.

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IT’S all about the 90s at the moment.

The iconic decade is back with a bang from the decade's fashion to famous folk.

And if you want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia a 90s night in is the way to go. Here's four essentials to party like it's 1999:

  • You have to get the tunes right and you can't get more 90s than a bit of dance. Music from the decade is still hugely popular with the Biggest 90s Disco concerts attracting tens of thousands of revellers, most recently last weekend in Glasgow. So crank up some 2 Unlimited and Vengaboys and get the party started
  • Looking back the 90s never seemed like a classic decade for fashion but many of the trends are back. Bellbottoms, bum-bags and bike shorts are all back on the catwalks. So dig out your best 90s clobber – from matching plaids to tattoo chokers – and dress for the decade
  • No 90s night was complete without a bottle of Hooch. And now it's not just the original, zingy lemon on offer, you can enjoy once of the new citrussy flavours or even supercharge your night in with a Soopa Hooch. Meanwhile, Reef is another fun 90s classic you can purchase online from Good Time In. It’s an easy-to-drink still alcoholic orange and passion fruit drink you can enjoy as a base in cocktails, served in long drink recipes or simply over ice
  • Getting the decor right is key. Think bright colours and a bit of pazzazz, right out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air credits. And if you want to push the boat out, toe together strings of old CDs – whether they be Oasis or Spin Doctors – and make some seriously cool hanging decorations

Hooch is a classic loved by its army of drinkers and the latest twists on this classic can are sure to impress.

  • Pick up Hooch at your local convenience store and online via Good Time In

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