I was a toyboy for a year to a woman 20 years older than me – our weekly hookups were incredibly awkward, here’s why…

A MAN revealed what it’s really like to date an older woman as he described how ‘awkward’ it was to date someone 20 years his senior. 

The man described all the awkward aspects of being a “toy boy”, but he said ultimately he doesn’t regret the experience.

The man said that dating an older woman is “awkward and one-sided” in a recent post on Quora.

He explained: “I had to come to terms with the fact that she was only dating me for the physical aspect and vice-versa. I was basically a boy-toy. 

“We'd hook up once a week and not talk beyond that. This went on for just over a year.”

The age gap got really uncomfortable when the man realised he was younger than one of his lover’s children.

He said: “I could never meet her older son because he was a year younger than me. Um, awkward.”

He also explained that many people in his life were judgemental about his romantic situation.

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He described: “My friends thought it was cool but my sisters and female friends were horrified by it. 

“I quickly learned that the easiest way to repel a girl my age was to let them know that I had ever dated a cougar.”

This, he said, was a double-standard.

“It's weird because girls make it a key selling point for their maturity that they have dated older guys but men who admit this are ostracized”, he added. 

Technology and slang both presented problems as well, as there are unavoidable differences between older and younger generations. 

He said: “There were very clear technological/cultural differences that were impossible to get over. 

“She didn't know how to use text messaging for example. One time I texted her ‘I will hit you up later’ and she FREAKED out. 

“She didn't understand that that was just a young person's way of saying ‘I will message you later’.  Awkward.”

There were also more serious issues on a fundamental level, as his partner had lived a full life before he appeared on the scene. 

He explained: “She had a whole life before me that I could never be a part of. 

“She was previously married and this was a consistent issue because her ex-husband would drop their younger child off in the mornings. It's awkward to have to hide in a bathroom while her younger son and husband are in the apartment. “

Plus, he claimed older women aren’t easy to please.

“Older women have seen it all before and it is very difficult to impress them, ESPECIALLY very attractive ones”, he said. 

Finally, the man claimed that relationships with huge age gaps simply aren’t sustainable in the long term. 

“There was clearly a time limit on the relationship. It's just not going to work in the long term when a woman is THAT much older than the guy”, he said.

He added: “Marriage doesn't make sense and you're most likely not going to have kids. It's just a fling and it's dangerous to get emotionally attached to this person.”

He said he doesn’t regret the experience at all, despite all the problems he faced.

“Despite all of these issues, I learned a lot from her and I enjoyed hanging out with her. The experience definitely made me want to date someone my own age though”, he explained. 

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