I was mum-shamed in the playground because my son didn't share – I don't care I'm judged…he's totally in the right | The Sun

Every mum will have their own unique approach when it comes to parenting.

But one woman has recalled the time she was mum-shamed in the playground because her son refused to share.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@hopeandplum), she shared a video message addressed to the mum who had the "audacity" to tell her that her son should've shared at the splash pad.

Asking people to reserve their judgement until they've heard the full story, she recalls: "He's playing, he likes to step on the little things at the splash pad and stop them from splashing up.

"This splash pad had tonnes of these, so he's not hurting anyone.

"And this little girl walks up and she's unhappy that he's doing this so she pushes him…she's bigger than him.


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"My son's like, 'no' – and he steps back on it, and she pushes him again.

Giving the girl's mum the benefit of the doubt, the woman says she sat watching and waiting for her to intervene.


"She doesn't," she continues. "And after her daughter pushes my son for the third time, he gets mad and pushes her back."

The woman says she then decided to intervene herself because she doesn't want her son to push people.

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She continues: "As I'm talking to my son, this woman has the audacity to say to me: 'You should really teach your son how to share…it'd be better for him.'

"I'm sorry…my son should learn how to share?

"Your daughter walked up and shoved my son three times – so my child should allow your child to push him and that's acceptable and he should share with that human?"

The woman concludes by saying: "Look, everyone has different opinions on sharing.

"I like sharing, I think it's nice.

"But I also don't believe you have to force your child to share – especially when another child's getting physical with them/"

"Anyway, I looked at her and was like, 'we can agree to disagree' and I walked away."

Alongside the video, she penned: "What do you think? We don’t force sharing and find our kids do it naturally most of the time.

"But why would anyone share with someone being mean? "

It wasn't long before the clip went viral, racking up a whopping 1.1 million views and several comments from social media users.

"Sharing also includes WAITING THEIR TURN. Good for you mama," wrote one.

A second penned: "Absolutely agree. Also what is he supposed to share??

"I don’t understand she wants him to let her use the single water spout that he was playing with?"

A third commented: "I totally agree with you. definitely not sharing after pushing. oh heck no."

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Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Woooooooowwww the nerve of that other mum.

"In all fairness, you have better self control than me."

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