I went to get my hair done by someone who claimed they're a blonde specialist…it was a disaster, I ended up in tears

A BEAUTY lover has been left in tears after a visit to the hairdressers goes horribly wrong.

When it comes to hair or anything beauty-related, most of the time it's best to invest that little extra and trust a professional – but one woman's proven that is not always the case.

Looking to brighten her locks, the TikTok user Tonii (@toniidabarb) decided to book an appointment with an expert.

However, things didn't go according to plan and instead of leaving the salon feeling like a million dollars, the young woman was kicked out of the chair in tears.

In a video, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up close to 915,000 views, Tonii could be seen distressed and emotional, as she took it to TikTok to explain what had taken place.

''I am so f*****g irritated cause this b***h just literally kicked me out of her f*****g shop.''

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To make matters even worse, not only was the woman forced to leave the salon not satisfied with how her hair had come out, Tonii was also charged for the mess.

''She wanted $415 (£322), I gave her $200 (£155) because b***h, I feel bad at the end of the day.

''Like you're playing with my hair […] and I'm not just gonna walk out like some broke-a** b***h.''

Trying to control her tears, the emotional woman lifted parts of her hair to reveal the tragic aftermath.

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While the top layer appeared to be a relatively even light grey tone – albeit with some slight patches of yellow – it was what was hiding underneath that left viewers in shock.

In fact, the result was so bad, some even demanded the client took the hairdresser to court – some strands were bright orange, with her dark roots still peeking through.

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In the clip, Tonii explained that she had asked the woman to cut the hair because it was ''so much worse'' beforehand.

''But she was just being so f*****g rude about everything.''

According to the mortified woman, the hairdresser behind this 'masterpiece' didn't want to dye the hair an even colour to fix the mess.

She even allegedly claimed it was ''common sense'' that the final tone wasn't going to be even, Tonii added.

After getting $215 (£167) less than what she had initially hoped for, the expert then went as far as calling the client ''ratchet'' for saying she wasn't happy with how the hair had turned out by the end of the appointment.

It turns out that Tonii – who revealed that the professional had been working on another client at the same time – isn't the only one dissatisfied with the service, as there other unhappy clients.

One review, according to a follow-up video, warned fellow beauty lovers, saying the salon is ''pricy for the quality of work''.

Another girl replied to a story Tonii had uploaded on Instagram claiming the hairdresser had ''killed'' her whole head.

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