I’m a bra fitter and these are the biggest mistakes that women make that means your lingerie wears out MUCH faster | The Sun

SICK of your underwires constantly poking you in the chest or your bra straps losing their elasticity?

Well according to one bra fitter the reason that your lingerie is wearing out so quickly could be entirely down to you.

Professional fitter Kimmay, who is from the US, took to TikTok where she revealed the three mistakes women make when it comes to caring for their cups.

Listing the first mistake, Kimmay explains that you should never fold one cup into the other for storage.

“This is so bad for this cup,” she explains, “It will just indent it, invert it and ruin it.”

Her second piece of advice is to avoid fastening your bra from the front and then swivelling round to the back and flipping the cups up.

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“This will stretch out the band and also it dents the cups against the body and this is the number two reason that underwires poke out,” Kimmay says.

A commenter was quick to ask if they could adjust the move without damaging their bra.

They wrote: "I put mine on backwards but I don't flip the cups down. I keep them up so they don't do that. Is that OK?"

Kimmay was quick to reassure that this method is "much better."

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The third piece of advice will come as the biggest shock for most bra-wearers as Kimmay says you should never be putting your bras in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

She explains: “Spinning in the high heat does not end well for your delicate bras or basically anything that’s made with elastic.

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“Bras cost money so you want to help them last longer and if you take good care of them they will feel more comfortable on your body longer too.”

Instead Kimmay suggests that you hand wash bras using a gentle detergent in either a sink, bucket or basin.

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