I work in a bar and there are so many easy ways to get more tips from men, my ‘fresh’ hack works basically every time | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the tricks she uses to make up to £250 a day in tips from men. 

TikTok user @cassi.i.i said it is easy to rack up huge sums if you know what to say.

In a video, she explained: “Here are my tips to making more tips.

“Calling old men boys, always does the trick.

“‘Morning boys, what can I get for you to drink’ works every time.”

Cassi also said it is important to remember what people are drinking and she often keeps a tally sheet so she can offer up people’s drinks straight away.

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Another trick is to ask people if they want a “fresh” drink.

She explained: “Rather than asking guys if they want another drink or if they need a beer, ask them if they want a fresh drink or fresh beer. 

“It sounds more pleasing and nine out of ten it works, even if they are finished with their beer, they’ll want a fresh one.

“Ask them what they do for a living, just out of curiosity, and then bring up the fact you are still in college and what you are studying and that you are financing your own degree all by yourself.

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“They’re huge on adding the college fund.

“And finally always be smiling and be a professional flirter, that is essentially what we are getting paid to do out here, so you’ve just got to bring it home.”

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Her video has racked up over five million views and people were quick to comment on her tips.

One person said: “As a former casino cocktail waitress- this is incredibly accurate.”

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Another wrote: “Ur so smart.”

And a third commented: “Yes! We do the fresh drink on yachts too, it sounds much better!”

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