I'm a beauty whizz and I shave my face every day – trolls think it’s stupid but it makes my make-up go on so well | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that in order to get her skin looking and feeling great, she shaves her face every day.

Not only does Mary, who posts on TikTok under the username @marydpl, shave her face so that it looks smooth, but she also explained that she does it so that her make-up goes onto her skin well.

Mary posted her clip to the social media app with the caption ‘Normalize girlies shaving their face 🥰’

She said: “I shave my face every day and I just wanted to show you guys my routine.

“First things first, I like to go in with my gentle face cleanser to have a clean slate before shaving.

“I like to dry my face with a paper towel just because it doesn’t carry any bacteria like a washcloth. 

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“These [Gillette] are the razors I like to use.

“I use a new one every day and that is what I feel really helps to maintain my skin because it doesn’t carry any bacteria.

“I make sure to pull my side burns up and shave all the way, even down to the jaw line.

“Can't forget the moustache.

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“Once I’ve finished shaving, I’ll go in with my skincare routine. 

“Shaving your face is good for moving any dead skin cells, any excess oil, any debris and I love the smooth application of my make-up.

“Before, the hairs used to get clogged and cause acne, so this has been the best thing for me.”

At the time of writing, Mary’s video had quickly racked up a whopping 166.5k views.

It had 1,613 likes, 112 comments and 78 shares.

But TikTok users were divided at Mary’s skin routine – while some thought it was great and were eager to give it a try, others thought it was “stupid” and claimed that Mary was shaving “too frequently.” 

One person said: “That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life.” 

Another added: “Wouldn't you be better off waxing? You will have more hair growth with shaving all the time.” 

A third commented: “I think you’re doing it too frequently.” 

However, one user noted: “Thank you for the tutorial and tips!!! You’re an angel! 🥰” 

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A second claimed: “Your skin is beautiful 🥰” 

Whilst someone else posted: “Going to try OMG.”

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